Life Lately

Lately it seems life is moving far too fast.

I cancelled three of my four days leave this week to accommodate ‘work stuff’.
I didn’t mind so much, I’ve kept the two days I had family stuff planned, and my parents want time with the little people, and hubby I’m sure would like some time too.
And the selfish side is, with redundancy looming closer, it seems an ok choice- I might have all the time in the world for family stuff next year.Happy office prints

Because that’s the thing, I usually ‘reveal all’ in my Word of the Week posts, but then I got sick of myself going on about work. 
So, and please check it out (and even subscribe [please!]), I started vlogging. Vlogging seems a great way to say lots of words quickly, and what started and has become my Redundancy Diaries has also led to me attempting, and loving, putting together our ‘A week in our life’.

And back to the self-obsession, I’ve decided to accept redundancy.
OMG… except it’s not so much, it just feels right… even though there’s a fourteen year history.
And it’s not the ray of sunshine I’d envisaged. 
Two of the jobs I’ve applied for I’ve not been shortlisted.
And that’s been a bit rubbish.
And there’s been the thought… I can apply for any of the jobs which have been made available at work before the 30th.
But no, despite not coping well with rejection, 
Leaving is just the right thing.
And I really do have a while to find an alternative before the sirens, and bank balance negativity, start.
Trying to put focus into leaving work whilst going through a really busy period at work is really tough.

And then there’s all the other family stuff.
Parents evening.
The boys and their boisterousness.
Volunteering at the school and becoming “Mrs Johnson” and struggling with the responsibility.
CM riding her bike and wanting to learn to play rugby.
And going back to Tod for the New Year.

Maybe more updates are needed…

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