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Lego Dream House Competition

Well, I missed up entirely on this one according to CM, problems with a memory card means these couldn’t be shared in time for the Ocean Finance Lego Dream Homes Competition.
But CM was so excited about her creation, and to be honest so was I, that I agreed that I’d still share it.
CM is very excited about the prospect of moving house, albeit it’s not going to be on the agenda until I have a bit more job security, but since new homes started popping up around the corner from us, there’s been much interest in how homes are built.
CM started off as a good architect should, with a plan of what her home essentials would be.Lego house creationShe set to build, using predominantly the Lego from her Disney Castle and Friends collections, as they had the “colour range” she was seeking- I think this meant the flowers and diamonds. Lego house creationShe wasn’t happy that we didn’t have windows on the front, so tried to find a window which would mean the side of the house could be one big window, whilst we didn’t manage that, we did find a window over the side of the house, which also meant B & E could have their way in adding a ladder straight up to the roof. Lego house creationThe interiors were where CM’s imagination really came into play, the essentials of a bed, and a sofa, and a table to eat and drink. Lego house creationAnd when it came to the roof, well, CM’s logic really did beat mine. She decided she wanted a swimming pool roof. So, the blue roof was chosen, and a tap.
But then CM realised there wasn’t a desk for her to do her drawings on, and as it wouldn’t fit in the house, it went on the roof. I questioned the practicality of this. But it seemed what would be wrong with your feet getting wet once you started work? And, showing due consideration, a bag was added “So things don’t need to go on the floor like they do in your office mummy.”
Lego house creation

And so, this is CM’s dream house- functional, practical and full of colour.

Disclosure: We were sent a Lego Creative Building Box to enable this creation.

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