Introducing Chase – our French Bulldog

It took us some time to decide which puppy to introduce to our home. I was really pinning for a King Charles Spaniel, literally a mini-Miller, but they seemed few and far between, and in many ways we wanted to be selective- making sure that we brought home a puppy that could cope with our family, rather than going with what was available and finding, as previous experience with a kitten, we had a pet which couldn’t cope with the pace (and volume) of family life.

Mr J did lots of research, also having his favoured puppies- from Labradors, to Labradoodles, to Dalmatians. I love how his heart gets carried away, leaving you diplomatically raising the first rule that Miller has to be king of the crew.

We eventually agreed that a French Bulldog was most likely to have the traits needed to settle into our family. And so the search began.
Like most things in life, it isn’t as straightforward as setting our your list of demands, there’s all sorts of things to consider like being KC registered, the age of the puppy, and the family the dog was born into.
We thought we would be willing to compromise on a few things, but, again back to the kitten, we knew that compromising wouldn’t necessarily be the best for our family. We wouldn’t be willing to compromise on our existing family make up so it really would be a case of making all the right choices so we’d get it right first time.

And, despite more than a few red herrings, we were fortunate that we found the perfect puppy for our family.Introducing Chase, the French Bulldog PuppyNamed Chase, by B, completely influenced by Paw Patrol. Chase joined our family on Nana Windows’ birthday. A sign we weren’t looking for but were grateful of.

And whilst he is B’s pet, the bond which was quickly established with CM means there’s a alight question mark. Probably for the reason CM was too young for a kitten, and is now – at six- the perfect age for a pet, means B is too young.French Bulldog sleepingThe bond between Chase and Miller was the one we were most conscious of, the need for success was paramount.

Of course Miller’s temperament would have allowed anyone to be introduced, but of how long his patience would stretch would be the decider. And as it was, Chase integrated himself slowly yet confidently. Gradually getting closer and closer to Miller, until one day he decided he would be most comfortable sleeping on top of Miller. It was a first and last.
French Bulldog puppy and Cocker Spaniel French Bulldog puppy and Cocker Spaniel French Bulldog puppy and Cocker Spaniel As well as integrating himself with the children and our other pets, Chase also found his way to integrate himself with our daily routines, and so the days where I work from home now have a new dimension.Working from home with a French BulldogChase has now had all of his immunisations, and so now begins a new chapter, of dog walking, puppy potty training, and full integration in our family.

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