First days, School days

I remember CM’s first day in Reception, her teacher had to call after her to come back and say ‘goodbye’ to me.
I was so proud of her, and maybe it says something about the school, but she has never not wanted to go to school.
Her love for learning is something I will nurture as I know the difficulty in getting it back once it’s lost.

CM started Year 2 yesterday, and come back with such a light in her eye has she told me how much she liked her new teacher, and how she had played with ‘everyone’.

B and E starting Reception, of course I am completely the other way.
Whilst they had their first day of Nursery and a first September day of Nursery last year.
Knowing that they won’t be walking across the playground to the Nursery building,
That they’ll be going into ‘big school’, they will always be my babies, but they are now growing too quickly to be stuck with the label.

And yes, I do not doubt, the teacher will be calling back to them, making sure I get my cwtch goodbye.
Because even it E seems a bit less confident, he’s got his brother, and their friends.
And they’ll be fine.
It will just be me.

From this:
Twin boys & big sister, 22mth age gapTo… well, these videos!
I’ve had great fun with these, I have one from CM starting Reception, and then forgot last year. But I really do think, if I remember, these will create the most perfect snapshots of them growing up. Not only of their answers, but to me their personalities come shining through…

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