First day of a new school year

New school year

School mornings in our home are one of those relaxed yet frantic affairs. As hubby is in charge of setting the routine, as he is here every morning, it’s ‘lean’. I learned this term in the early days of my career ‘lean construction’ – looking at your timeline and eliminating every buffer possible. And whilst it allows the children to have the longest possible time asleep – what’s not to love about this plan? it does have a feel of military precision in getting them belted in the car by 0845.

Today was no exception. Although I was home. I decided I’d get up early with a view to making sure the first day of the new school year was off to a winning start. And we were winning. Breakfasted. Teeth brushed. I agreed with B to trade his shorts for trousers as it was raining. Photos taken of my front door in September. Distracted somewhat by three children stood in front of it. Winning. I even found time to write a note to E’s teacher about progress over the summer (which I absolutely should’ve written over the weekend).

Until the request “Mum, please can you plait my hair?”

Oh, how quickly can a day go down hill. Departure minus three minutes was not a time for this request.

So it’s needless to say we left the house with one child in tears.

Exasperated slightly with the resultant lack of a school bag in said child’s hand on the walk into school.

Bad mommy.

And yet, CM walked into juniors with a hug and a kiss. B ran into school without a backward glance, and E only came back as he was carrying his umbrella rather than his book bag.

And they came home on a high. CM’s hair looked difference, I innocently asked who had done it. To be rewarded with a bashful shrug, a hug, and a “you mummy”.

B was on cloud nine.

E struggled. But that’s ok. It’s not unexpected.

And whilst I’d love them to be children who needed me more. Who needed reassurance.

I have children who came home excited to be with me. Who insisted on dragging me out to the park after tea.

And who I missed. Ridiculously.Best daysIt’s odd to move from a parent who can’t wait for them to go back to school to a parent who wishes the holidays were a little bit longer.

It’s odd to miss them because of the people they are becoming.

But it’s so good to have children who are enthused by school.  

Even if I’m not convinced at times like these they are mine.Swimfin family

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