Teachers’ Gratitude Card – Let the Summer BeGin

Let the summer beGin card

One of the favourite parts of choosing how to show the children’s teachers their gratitude is the creation of the card. We’ve created some fun ones over the years and this year was no exception. As gin seems to be the drink of the moment I decided we’d create a fun hamper, especially after seeing the slogan ‘Let the Summer BeGin’ which I think must especially welcomed by teachers.

Whilst I turned to Pinterest with the theme in mind, it wasn’t as easy to find a card to replicate. I had an idea in my mind and had to rely on it.

Fortunately for the most part my cupboard full of trusty materials was on form with supplies, and I only needed to order one item.

I sketched an idea in my Bullet Journal and set about creating it. First thing was to create a template. I used PicMonkey for the greeting text and tried to use a faded effect like that created by the sea.

I also noticed an umbrella image which I could rotate and alter the colour and fade. This replaced the ‘cocktail umbrella’ I was planning to use alongside the straw. And I much preferred this.

Originally I printed it on yellow card but I wasn’t convinced and went with blue.Teacher's Appreciation CardI then went in search of a way to create the glass. I remembered in a clear out of the office I had held onto acetate. I’ve no idea why.

You probably don’t remember acetate. ‘Back in the day’ (pre-Microsoft) you’d write your own presentations with a OHP pen. Then technology improved, and you’d print directly onto them. Revolutionary. And well worth hanging onto.

I found a glass printable, played around with the sizing on PicMonkey and printed onto paper. I stuck the paper onto the acetate and cut around to give me enough templates.

Usually my glitter only comes out once a year for creating starts for Messy Christmas. As this was a controlled craft I broke my own rules.

As we were making Raspberry & Mint Gin we used pink and blue glitter and added to the glasses using PVA glue.

In early attempts at the card I created a work surface for the glass to rest on. It looked a bit naff and Mr J suggested sand. This was the one thing I ordered from ebay (for about £1 and used about 10% of it). I decided beach sand would probably look grubby so ordered yellow coloured sand. And again we used PVA glue to create our beach on the card.

We then brought everything together using sticky dots. We created a bit of a 3D effect in adding the straw inside the glass and bringing the glass into a rounded shape to accommodate.

And I really like them.

I think they’d be good for any summer birthday or celebration.

And you could replace ‘summer’ with ‘party’… or anything really. Let the summer beGin card


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