Tea themed Gifts for teachers with Snapfish

It’s a thing in our family, nothing shows appreciation like a handmade gift. I’m not sure where it’s come from, my mum no doubt, but now, each Christmas and end of school year we prepare a form of hamper for the teachers and assistants who take care of my children’s wellbeing from 8.55 to 3.10.

Whilst the summer can be themed more around the 6 weeks of relaxation and sunshine (ever the optimist!), Christmas for me is about homeliness and family.

This year I decided our gift would be based around taking a break, with visions of a wood fire, thick cardigan, and a great big sofa to fall into.

And what would accompany this vision better than a warming cup of tea and biscuits. 
And so our vision began.

I started collecting tea bags from my hotel stays, I love the variety of teas also on offer, and yet my taste for tea is limited due to very selective tastebuds. So, a couple each time land in my overnight bag, and due to the number of overnights- well…. what can I say?!Teacher inspired thank you mugs from SnapfishTo accompany the tea I really wanted to create a personal touch, and fortunately Snapfish was able to meet my brief. Whilst mugs with favourite photographs on would be my association, I loved the idea of using PicMonkey to create an inspirational quote, accompanied by a smaller font message from my children. I changed the quote slightly for the LSAs and each has a different heart design to ensure a unique design which will make a wonderful personalised Christmas gift. I loved the mugs we received, whilst you can choose from a more delicate porcelain, I went for the kind of mug you can wrap your hands around and hug for warmth.Tea wreath - thrifty gifts for teachersRather than present a cup and tea bag, I wanted to carry through a Christmas theme, and loved a wreath idea I had seen on Pinterest. I wanted to customise mine with a more traditional Christmas theme, so painted the cardboard green, wooden pegs red, added a ribbon hook and a big red bow. A little quirky, I hope the association comes through.Teacher's gift mugs from SnapfishNearer to the end of term we’ll make cookies in a jar to complete our thank you gift. I’m sure the children will want to use a range of cutters, despite my OCD need to use round to fit in a jar.

And then, maybe with a good book, the people who invest so much in our children, can escape for Christmas, with tea and biscuits for sustenance. 

I hope these gifts are appreciated, I truly want the children to understand what offering thanks is about and, to me, making a gift, putting your heart into it, is a part of understanding gratitude.

Disclosure: We received a voucher from Snapfish for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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