Starfish Craft Canvas

To go with the starfish made from papier mâché, CM decided to create a seascape. I feel the need to declare my fault from the outset, I misunderstood her instruction for how the sand should be represented, and the fault with this starfish craft canvas is entirely mine. And no, my seven year-old does not control me.Starfish craft canvasSo, the way this should work is that if you laid it down on a sandy beach it would be an extension of your next footstep. Think horse racing in Mary Poppins.

We started (as always) with reasonably priced acrylic paints and a canvas from Home Bargains, and set to work creating the sand and the sea.Starfish craft canvasI messed up a little at this point. CM asked to incorporate orange, to show the difference between wet and dry sand. As she added the first, I added a second. I really shouldn’t have. It didn’t work. There would only be one part of dry sand. And I apologise sincerely for this oversight.Starfish craft canvasCM then set to work creating the starfish, by this point I had learned my lesson – to let her get on with it or only follow instruction. 

With a printable starfish template the first starfish to take shape was the one which would take the most time.Starfish craft canvasThe sequin starfish was a good idea because it would create sparkle. But it also took a lot of sequins and pins. I have to admit to helping out on this one. As did the boys. I contributed by picking up spilt pins. And trying to add order to their efforts. I should know better. Starfish craft canvasThe next was more straightforward. A golden starfish using glitter glue. I didn’t think this one through. As soon as CM had created her starfish I put it aside to dry, forgetting it was glue and that the template would adhere to the canvas. The starfish has a lovely outline as a result.Starfish craft canvas

Starfish craft canvasThe final starfish only came about because I finally gave into CM’s demands for DohVinci. In fairness to her I’ve been putting her off since before Christmas convinced it would be like the Moon Sand I’d previously thought was a good idea.

Fortunately DohVinci is something which I can just leave her to get on with.Starfish craft canvas

Starfish craft canvasAnd so, CM has a piece of art. 

Full of stars.Starfish craft canvas

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    July 13, 2016 at 09:37

    A beautiful craft idea, I love how CM was guiding you through the creative process
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…Laugh with PeppaMy Profile

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