Making a Papier-Mache Starfish

It’s that time of the term- end of school projects- this time the theme is your favourite part of the seaside. I had fantastic ideas of visiting lots of local beaches and creating a layer jar, which is of course why we ended up making a papier-mache starfish.Creating a papier-mache starfishCM decided her favourite part of the beach is starfish. Not that I can actually remember us seeing one, but hey ho. And so as we came up with a few starfish based crafts, we of course ended up echoing previous projects with papier-mache. 

This was a new one on me. I’ve only used papier-mache with balloons before, so I was left scratching my head.

We started by finding a starfish template we liked, fortunately there are a few to choose from at Kidspot. I drew a pentagram on a piece of cardboard, and we created the starfish shape around it. A bit of care with a pair of scissors and we had our base.Creating a papier-mache starfishNext was to figure out how to make it 3D. We made rolls of newspaper and cut strips in various lengths. We made a paste using one part plain flour to two parts water, mixing to ensure there were no lumps.Creating a papier mache starfishI was really impressed with the finished result, it was as messy as always, but we did end up with a starfish. Once left to dry overnight, we then added honey nut loops with craft glue to create the familiar spiny skin.Creating a papier-mache starfishOnce we had the starfish created we moved on to the next part- painting. One of CM’s favourite pastimes, a key consideration was getting the colour just right. With close inspection, we added white and yellow to our orange because we didn’t want the colour to be too bright.Creating a papier mache starfishBut something a little special was a part of the brief, so adding a layer of gold glitter paint was a necessity.Creating a papier mache starfishAnd with that CM was pleased with the finished result. Effortlessly integrating on the beach.Creating a papier-mache starfish

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