Gin themed gifts – teacher’s hamper

Gin themed gifts - teacher's hamper

For teacher’s gifts this year I decided to commit 100% to alcohol. Previous years have seen malteaser vodka accompanying ice-cream themed hampers. But I’ve reached the conclusion the end of the school year must be license for our educators to enjoy a drink. I decided to try a more fruity concoction, and after a quick vote, gin themed gifts were the way to go.

I started with creating a Raspberry & Mint Gin thanks to a bit of Pinterest inspiration. Patience and preparation were in need as this is best prepared a month in advance.

This is a great one for children to get involved in creation, but the fumes are potent. We also made the mistake of adding the gin first, which meant we initially got a lot of splash-back adding the raspberries, and ended up using a ladle to lower them in. Lesson learned.Teacher's GinFor the concoction, we used a punnet of strawberries, 100g caster sugar and a couple of handfuls of mint per litre of gin. Three litres later we moved the jar to a cool, dark place and remembered to give it a shake every couple of days.

After four weeks we used a muslin and filter to create bottles of gin. We did have a couple left over. And as someone who doesn’t like gin I’m completely converted.Raspberry & Mint Gin 2We make presents for the range of individuals who support the children at school, but I’m aware some support the children more frequently than others. This year we made a wider range of gifts, with different contents for the various people the children wanted to thank.

I wanted to add to the bottle of gin, so popped to Tiger to see what I could find. I fell for the pineapple theme so used these to create our gifts.Let the Summer BeGin HamperFor gifts for the teachers we also made some Raspberry and Mint Gin chocolate truffles- just because they’re so easy for children to make.

Ours were made using 300g dark chocolate; 250mls double cream; 50g unsalted butter- cubed; 2 tbsp Raspberry & Mint Gin; and cocoa powder to dust.

We melted the chocolate in a Bain Marie and stirred in the cream; we added the butter and combined; and stirred int the gin and whisked into a thicker, smooth and glossy mix.

We lined a casserole dish with greaseproof paper. Adding the mixture evenly, and popped into the fridge for a few hours.

We then put cocoa in a bowl. Using a teaspoon to remove the mix, we made into balls with clean hands. Rolled the ball in cocoa and popped into a gift box.Raspberry and Mint Gin Chocolate TrufflesAnd then it was time to package the gifts up. Which is always where I fail as we always end up with difficult shapes.

As always I resorted to some trusty baskets which I bought in bulk a few years ago. Along with a massive roll of cellophane which comes out for these occasions.

Slightly OTT for the gift inside- unless gin is really special to you- but a perfect summery fun gift.Gin Gifts

Teachers Gratitude GiftsAnd I already can’t help but think about Christmas. Usually tea themed, I’ve been thinking about apple and cinnamon bourbon…..decisions, decisions.

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