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I have a long chat with myself at Christmas and in July, it probably is a lot easier to contribute to the parent’s collection for gifts for teachers and LSAs. But it’s two-fold, most importantly I love Pinterest, secondly by creating gifts with the little people it allows us to talk about what they like most about those who support them, why we should be grateful to them, and why it is important to take the time to say ‘thank you’ and appreciate them.Creating gifts for teachersIt may be less appreciated than a spa day, but I hope the family is effort is recognised, we want to take the time to show that we appreciate the ways in which they have supported us.

This year, the first bit of inspiration came around Mother’s Day from In The Playroom– a wonderful Twinings inspired card.Thank you cardWe echoed this, and had great fun with painting, pipecleaners, and stickers. What I liked most about the card was that everything came from our craft cupboard- so absolutely minimal cost for a really effective card.

I also struggle with how to package our gifts, which usually results in a large quantity of cellophane. The weekend we moved to Wales, the Welsh Government introduced a charge on carrier bags, and I’ve come to hate unnecessary packaging, a play on Pinterest inspired me to use tote bags as gift bags- personal and reusable.

I found the bags “reasonably priced” on ebay, and combined a few ideas to create a design which would be personal from our children (their handprints), and personal to the recipient. I loved the added personality of CM writing each of their names- a cause of great stress as her handwriting is an angst- the end result was a perfect representation of a young child’s gift- using fabric paint, fabric pens and embroidery thread.Making a tote bagThe reason for deciding on flowers on the gift bag was because I had decided on a gardening theme for this year. I cannot wait for next year when the teachers are all different so I can repeat previous hampers, but this one did seem to work.

It didn’t go entirely to plan, I really want to attempt seed bombs, but time and materials didn’t allow.

And we obviously won’t talk about the failed lavender seedlings, but instead focus on the lovely lavender plants we ran out to buy the week the children finished school.

I wanted to do the blackboard paint on plant pots thing, and found some great smaller sized tins in Wilkinsons, as well as some absolute bargain pots in Ikea.

And we had lots of fun painting and potting.
Creating a plant pot for a teacher

We finished the ‘hamper’ off with a purchased gift, we did differentiate at this point between the teachers and the LSAs- I found some gardening themed gifts at dotcomgiftshop and picked up others along the way.

The result was well received, and I do remain convinced that getting the children involved in thank you gifts is a key point of the gesture of giving.

A handmade gift for teachers

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