Eisteddfod Crafts- Daffodils

Eisteddfod DaffodilsCM’s half term homework was to focus on the best bits of living in Wales. 

Whilst this time last year we made Spike the Dragon, this year I was working so we did what I know best, we baked.

But my daughter knows her own mind, and arrived home on Monday demanding that her Eisteddfod craft had to be an arts activity.

So I emptied our craft boxes, and checked the fridge, and the outcome was one of happiness- we could make daffodils!

Eisteddfod Daffodils
Which of course turned out to be their version of team work as they all pitched in to paint our paper plates.
Eisteddfod DaffodilsAnd then onto painting the egg-cups and lollipop sticks.
Eisteddfod DaffodilsEisteddfod DaffodilsWe used paper plates to make ‘ying and yang’ leaves, and added glitter glue to the leaves and egg cups.

We assembled the daffodils using split pins, and with a glue gun added the stems to the daffodil and a button on top of the split pin.
Eisteddfod DaffodilsUsing a canvas we created a backdrop and added the daffodils with a glue gun, and painted a plastic cup red and positioned the daffodils with blu-tak.
Eisteddfod Daffodils
And I felt like I had won first prize with the happiest daughter, for the whole of five minutes.

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