Crafting with Num Noms for a #NumNomsEaster

Crafting with Num Noms this Easter

With the weather making Wellington boots a necessity for an Easter Egg hunt this weekend, the children had better plans. Their plans included crafting with Num Noms, and lots of excitement to see the new series 4.2 mystery packs. There was so much excitement to find both nail polish and lip balm in the tubs.NumNoms Series 4.2 Num Noms Nail Polish The children couldn’t decide what they were most excited by, polishing their nails or getting to work with some amazing Num Noms stickers. I haven’t seen the stickers before and will keep an eye out for them in the shops as they were a complete hit. Creating Num Noms Easter buntingWe received lots of fun crafts to excite the children in the rundown to Easter Sunday. They were occupied for ages decorating egg bunting, insisting that the Num Noms weren’t out of their sight.  Num Noms Easter buntingI even got into trouble for offering up some mini eggs without making sure the Num Noms were content. I suspect this may have been a ruse to get me to part with more chocolatey treats. It seems Num Noms will fit right in with our family given how quickly the eggs were devoured. Num Noms Easter EggsWe’ve saved the messier craft for Easter Sunday. We’ve eggs for each of the children to decorate with paints, glitter and, no doubt, stickers. I’m hoping the rain will ease off and the eggs can add colour to the garden. Decoys for the chocolatey eggs as well as new decorations to add to our Easter tree next year. Num Noms Easter funI am hopeful the weather will ease off long enough to get out in the garden over the holidays. This week I’ve been grateful that we’ve had enough fun with #NumNomsEaster to feel like our Easter plans are underway. 

Disclosure: We received Num Noms and craft materials for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions contained are our own.

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