Christmas crafting with Gel-a-Peel

Christmas crafting with Gel-a-Peel

This Christmas has probably been one of the relaxed, for which I am grateful. The joy of having boys who are Nerf mad is that whilst they’re allowed in the home, it’s in the confines of their bedroom. Which means we’ve heard lots of laughter from their room since they opened their gifts. For CM and me, it’s been about a little Christmas crafting with Gel-a-Peel and Hobbycraft. CM is a massive fan of Gel-a-Peel and I of Hobbycraft, so we are match made.Colour Changing Gel-A-PeelAs you might recall, our Christmas tree this year has been borne from scratch. Mainly due to me not being bothered to go up to the attic to bring our boxes down. Also being due to my promise to the children that they could dress the tree this year, and it looking full without intervention.

As I sit and look at the tree now I can see baubles of dinosaurs and London from Paperchase, our personalities from John Lewis, and some bargains from Morrisons. Those aside the remaining decorations are home-made. Beads on a pipe-cleaner making candy canes, Hama beads in various shapes; and cross-stitched stocking adorned with their names. They have truly created their family tree.

And now added are some additional stars. I do love Hobbycraft at Christmas. And at Valentine’s, Easter and Hallowe’en. I love the crafts which encourage you to colour, to paint and to decorate.

The polystyrene shapes are a favourite. A few years ago we made an Easter tree, with eggs decorated with paint, ribbons, sequins and beads. We’ve made a Christmas wreath from a polystyrene circle and attached green and red pom-poms, and so it seems apt that our daughter would see star-shaped polystyrene shapes added to our Christmas tree.Gel-a-Peel Crafts at ChristmasThe colour changing Gel-a-Peel set was used to add personality to the stars. Of course the weather so far has been nothing but white. I’m sure with the New Year will be new colours.

With a steady hand, and using the variety of nibs which come with the colour-changing kit, CM set about to create her designs. Perfect for the Christmas tree, and with enough left in the tubes to make CM some new jewellery designs. Because whilst Gel-a-Peel is perfect for crafting, CM still loves to use it to make new jewellery designs. Hobbycraft and Gel-A-Peel Christmas CraftDisclosure: This post is written in collaboration with Gel-a-Peel. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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