Button Art Craft – Hot Air Balloon

I love the button art craft that I see on Pinterest. So it seemed such a good idea to try to create a Hot Air Balloon with a 7-year-old for a school project about transport. Or something like that.Hot Air Balloon Button Craft This was a complete first attempt, but the price of canvases at Home Bargains, and keeping the button and yarn tubs well stocked meant it felt a good idea.

The first thing was to find a printable template and the materials we needed- buttons, embroidery yarn, sticky glue and a blank canvas.Hot Air Balloon Button CraftOnce we had found the template, we cut around the outline and tacked it onto the canvas with washi tape. We then began gluing the buttons to create our balloon. It turns out we weren’t as considerate as we might have been. CM quickly decided on the colours she preferred- and my button collection disappointed her. Additionally her preference (as per the outline) was to use small, pastel buttons. This is quite a task. Adding a large button every now and again helps patience levels. Realising your button collection is mainly primary colours increases frustration.Hot Air Balloon Button CraftBut she did it. The space was filled with buttons- with large buttons making the task easier.

And then we waited for the glue to dry to transparent, and removed the template.Hot Air Balloon Button CraftI had aspirations for the basket. Or biodegradable plant pots cut in half, covered in thread and glued to the canvas in 3D.

Time was not on our side. So I left her to. Template tacked to the canvas. Lines created to the basket, with the help of glue, the thread became the basket.Hot Air Balloon Button CraftIn fear of a fail. glue covered the basket again to ensure it was a part of the canvas. Hot Air Balloon Button CraftAnd the art work was created – our button art hot air balloon craft:Hot Air Balloon Button Craft

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    October 27, 2020 at 06:12

    AMAZING !!!!! button art craft work. It is a must try one I ‘ll be trying this soon.

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    November 29, 2020 at 18:13

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