Team Honk is back – #PasstheProud Cardiff style

There is something a little bit special about getting involved in Team Honk each year, the tour de force of Annie, Penny and Tanya. Each year the collective gathering- virtual or physical- of bloggers wanting to make something happen, something for good, and it can’t help but leave you with all the positive vibes you need for the year.

2013, for me, was getting involved with the virtual campaign- Digital postcards from Ghana.

2014 saw everyone step it up a gear as a Team Honk relay overtook the country- Lands End to John O’Groats. The Wales leg meant I was able to transfer the baton from Claire in Port Talbot to Emily in Cardiff. And feeling more than a little giddy about the momentum on social media, managed to organise a Zumba Flash Mob at Barry Island with the support of the TFL Centre for the Sport Relief Mile.Team HonkAnd whilst every bit of me in 2015 said “you’ve got enough going on”, I decided I really did have nothing I’d rather be doing on a Sunday than getting involved with the Comic Relief Danceathon, and was grateful for the support of so many bloggers for collectively making it seem a little less than the challenge it was.Team Honk2016, I sort of knew not to leave it to the last-minute again, I could but I knew I’d beat myself up about it.

And so the Team Honk news unfolded.

2016 is the year of #PasstheProud

And there are the best of ideas, Nell’s day-long London Museum Dash, Becky’s super inspiring walk, and tempting- until you get to the detail!- Sophie’s Mauritus Relay Beach Volleyball-athon!

So, what if you’re near to Cardiff?Team HonkPlease bring your family and your fun to Sports Xtra, Beignon Close (off Ocean Way) on 20th March 2016, from 10.00-14.00.

I was absolutely over the moon when the team didn’t hesitate in getting involved with a South Wales event.

And came up with an amazing plan to make sure all the family can have fun.

The idea is we might make it from Lands End to John O’Groats in distance, but with a few fun obstacles along the way.

With access to the sports hall, a circuit will be set up for people to make their way around.

Sports Xtra, Cardiff Central Youth Club and Splash Central will be there on the day to liven up the circuit, with laser mazes and fun gym activities, the circuit will be perfect for every age.

And if you can be there, we would love for you to contribute 50p for every lap you complete to make sure we raise lots of much-needed funds for Sport Relief, please register our interest on our Facebook page.

We’ve also set up a South Wales Just Giving page, so if you want to support this event but can’t make it on the day, please consider supporting us.

In the last two years’ Sport Relief cash has enabled:

Over 189,000 children to attend school and get an education.
16,500 people get the support they need to improve their mental health.
Over 734,000 children to be given life-saving vaccines
Over 734,000 children to be given life-saving vaccines
Funding for 23 projects that support people living with dementia.

And we’d love you to support Team Honk, in whatever way you can. It will be appreciated.

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