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  • Sunset on the end of a chapter
    Working mum

    The end of a chapter

    At some point, before January is out, I hope I’ll be able to write reflections on 2019, and the decade. At least I have taken the time to reflect on the…

  • Reflecting on work based friendships Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
    Working mum

    Reflecting on workplace friendships

    As life moves forward, and work shows no intention of playing to any rules, I can't help but wonder. When reflecting on workplace friendships am I right to follow someone else's…

  • The end is in sight
    Working mum

    An end is in sight

    November 15th 2017. We were called to a meeting in London. Given my team work remotely, for efficiency, I thought I’d schedule performance reviews around the meeting. Particularly badly planned as…

  • micro-affirmations can create change
    Working mum

    How micro-affirmations can create change

    Just before Christmas I was having a conversation about whether our industry had improved as far as gender inequality was concerned. The comment was made. Whilst ‘we’ may consider that gender…

  • Good Morning Berocca
    Working mum

    Desperately seeking me, on a very good day

    Life before Children. My annual leave was used for holidays. Escaping. Relaxing.  Roll on life with three children. I use my annual leave sparingly for study days and extravagantly for time…

  • Dr Martens
    Blog, Working mum

    My DMs were made for wearing

    Ever since becoming a blogger, attending Cybher, I had my eyes on a pair of DMs. DMs were something of my youth. I think I started wearing DMs when I was…

  • Blog, Working mum

    Life Lately #6

    It was as if I’d been waiting for a perfect time. There wasn’t going to be another Life Lately update until a few things had happened, the planets had aligned. It’s…