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  • Tokyo Rose

    Tokyo Rose – Review

    The joy of the Edinburgh Fringe is finding a musical which not only ticks all the toe-tapping boxes but also inspires and brings something new. In Tokyo Rose, Burnt Lemon Theatre…

  • Superstar

    Superstar – Review

    Superstar is a beautifully honest and completely funny take on what it's like to grow up the youngest (much younger) sibling.…

  • The Wrong Ffion Jones

    The Wrong Ffion Jones – Review

    Thrown in, full force to the Welsh experience. The Wrong Ffion Jones takes us on the surreal journey of what happens when Ffion lives out her version of the Truman Show.…

  • Art Heist

    Art Heist – Review

    On initial reflection, Art Heist is fun. Mad-capped comedy is offered, underpinning potentially deeper questions of what is art and what is its value.…

  • M.E.H.

    M.E.H. – review

    In M.E.H. The Outbound Project bring something much needed to the Edinburgh Fringe. Something almost pure in its chaos. This is about an exploration, a different perspective. …

  • The Last of the Pelican Daughters

    The Last of the Pelican Daughters – Review

    The Last of the Pelican Daughters is surreal, haunting, uplifting and ultimately leaves a feeling of endearment. These aren’t the easiest of family, but there's no doubting they PeliCan. …

  • Orlando

    Orlando – Review

    Orlando draws the audience in on the basis of a novel and leaves us with a challenge. To embrace love and passion, and negate the need for the labels we so…