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  • Wilde Creatures

    Wilde Creatures at the Edinburgh Fringe

    As favourites from the Edinburgh Fringe go, Tall Stories’ Wilde Creatures would have to be one of my mine. I will never tire of musical instruments and song being interwoven into some great…

  • The Rubbish Shakespeare Company's Romeo and Juliet

    The Rubbish Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet

    The Rubbish Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet is a fantastic introduction for children to Shakespeare. Promising ‘enemies, balconies, kissing and sausage rolls’ the show did not disappoint.  The Rubbish Shakespeare Company…

  • Villain: DeBlanks

    Villain: DeBlanks at the Edinburgh Fringe

    Making its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe, Villain: DeBlanks is an improvised whodunnit promising to bring laughter to younger audiences. Hosted by creator and writer Billy Mitchell, the audience is introduced to the…

  • The Time Machine at the Edinburgh Fringe

    The Time Machine at the Edinburgh Fringe

    The Scientific Romance Theatre Company has done something interesting in bringing HE Wells’ The Time Machine to the stage. Aimed at children aged 8 and older, the production targets a niche which is…

  • A Good Enough Girl?

    A Good Enough Girl? at the Edinburgh Fringe

    A Good Enough Girl? feels like one of Edinburgh Fringe’s hidden gems. Aimed at audiences 8+, this is a feel good piece. It’s a little educational with lots of positive messaging-…

  • Comedy Club 4 Kids

    Comedy Club 4 Kids at the Edinburgh Fringe

    One of Seren’s highlights of the Edinburgh Fringe was the introduction to Comedy Club 4 Kids. So good in fact she insisted that we return the following day. Comedy Club 4 Kids follows the format…