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  • Daughterhood

    Daughterhood – Review

    Daughterhood encapsulates the new realities of our lives. But you hold on to the breathtaking moments, memories of a beached whale, and you hold onto hope. …

  • Crocodile Fever

    Crocodile Fever – Review

    With the strength of the commitment of McEvoy and Dwyer along with fraught themes with surreal humour. The underpinning rebellion makes Crocodile Fever brilliant.…

  • How Not to Drown

    How Not to Drown – Review

    The impact of How Not to Drown doesn't diminish with time. Challenging the perception of those who pursue a better life in the UK. This is one person's extraordinary story.…

  • Until the Flood

    Until the Flood – Review

    Until the Flood is a retelling of the 2014 shooting of black teenager Michael Brown. Created and performed by Dael Orlandersmith, Until the Flood is brought to the stage as a…

  • The Claim

    The Claim – Review

    The Claim is fast paced, the need to get through a day's work palpable. Set alongside the loss of what is sought. To understand why refuge is sought. …

  • Musik

    Musik – Review

    In Musik, Frances Barber as Billie Trix owns the stage. She's rough and raw. Breathtakingly hysterical. The soundtrack runs alongside her life, ultimately leading to life under a glitter ball. …

  • Tokyo Rose

    Tokyo Rose – Review

    The joy of the Edinburgh Fringe is finding a musical which not only ticks all the toe-tapping boxes but also inspires and brings something new. In Tokyo Rose, Burnt Lemon Theatre…