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  • A Practically Perfect Umbrella

    A Practically Perfect Umbrella

    Mary Poppins Returns arrives on DVD in time for Easter. I'm grateful for this practically perfect umbrella to help with whatever weather the holidays has in store.…

  • Hotter Shoes Donna

    Shoes for brightening the day

    Whilst black will be my preference, I do love injecting a little colour. Choosing a pair of the Donna, Hotter Shoes drew me to a new colour [AD] #Review…

  • Timeout with Sky Kids and Team Titans

    Timeout with Sky Kids

    I'm so far from being ready this Christmas. The decorations are only half complete. My Christmas shopping, the less said the better. Fortunately, the @SkyKidsOfficial App means the children have been…

  • Review

    Getting comfy with Scruffs

    Tod and Logan are firmly settled into our home and lifestyle now. They became a part of our family in September and we were keen to quickly establish ground rules. Having…

  • Moj Moj collectables

    Moj Moj collectables

    My children’s passion for collectables and blind bags is the one thing I can rely on. CM has never been a typical child, never into anything specifically. Until she discovered Shopkins.…

  • Broadening horizons with Adagio Teas

    Broadening horizons with Adagio Teas

    When I started a proper job I joined the brigade of people ashamed of not liking hot drinks. Bar a hot chocolate from time to time, I really didn’t enjoy tea…

  • XLS Nutrition and Boost Buddies Journey

    XLS-Nutrition Shakes and Boost Buddies

    Motivation – of 40, and the perfect 12 Approaching 40. It’s not that bad. If most days life is too frantic to remember my age, then being forty is no less…

  • Introducing Meegos - Fair trade collectables

    Introducing Meegos – Fair trade collectables

    Collectables are definitely a ‘thing’ I’ve learned from my children. It started with CM and Shopkins. It hasn’t stopped. Some make me cringe, some make me wonder what happened to my…