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  • Afternoon tea in Wonderland

    Afternoon Tea in Wonderland

    Seren decided on a sleepover for her birthday party and I wanted something special to celebrate her reaching ten. Fortunately Afternoon Tea in Wonderland was excitedly received.…

  • Nerf War Party and Cake

    Make Your Own Nerf War Party and Cake

    Having covered the all important invitations and goody bags, we get on to talking about the all important Nerf War Party and Cake. This party has been the only party I’ve…

  • Nerf War goody bags

    Make Your Own Nerf War goody bags

    Following on from creating a Nerf Party Invitation which looked the part, I really wanted to offer Nerf  War goody bags which were in-keeping with the boys’ expectations of their party.…

  • Make Your Own Nerf War Party Invites

    Make Your Own Nerf War Party Invites

    Creating a birthday party is one of the highlights of my year. It’s a sad truth, but it’s a complete distraction from work and a complete celebration of a family event.…

  • Homemade Sleepover Party Invites

    Homemade Sleepover Party Invites

    Finally, the children are starting to get it, the fun of organising a party. So, this is the disclaimer – it’s not a party as such. But. Who really needs an…

  • Make you own Elmo party invites

    Make you own Elmo Party Invites

    One problem with my children having birthdays close together is the majority of the year I spend drumming my fingers with no fun parties to plan. When a friend started talking…

  • A Climbing Themed 8th Birthday Party

    A Climbing Themed 8th Birthday Party

    For CM’s 8th birthday we finally decided on a bouldering party. The older children become the more difficult it is to resolve the party. How many to invite? What to do?…