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  • Raspberry & Prosecco Mousse Cake

    Raspberry & Prosecco Mousse Cake Recipe

    I’ve decided to call this week’s Great Bloggers Bake Off recipe a Raspberry & Prosecco Mousse Cake. I thought about replacing cake with mess. But it tasted good (that’ll be the Prosecco).…

  • A slice of Chocolate Babka

    Chocolate Babka Couronne

    I have wanted to make Chocolate Babka for some long, I wanted to attempt my own chocolate spread and I know chocolate Babka is a thing of beauty. This week’s Great…

  • Eating a Pokemon Iced biscuit

    Pokemon Iced Biscuit Recipe – GBBO

    I’m learning my lesson with the Great British Bake Off – watch the episode before completing the bake. Fortunately no-one asked Mary Berry this week about using pre-made fondant icing. I…

  • Fresh Blackberry and Almond Muffins

    Blackberry & Almond Bake Recipes

    Whilst my children don’t seem to be able to tell the time or know what day it is, when it comes to blackberry picking they seem to have an inbuilt calendar.…

  • Mango and Lime Drizzle Cake

    Mango and Lime Drizzle Cake – GBBO

    You know it’s definitely your birthday when it coincides with the new series of the Great British Bake Off. Not quite so great when you’re out celebrating with family and forget…

  • 5-a-day packed lunchbox

    Go-to Packed Lunchbox options

    With back to school on the horizon the thing the children seem most excited about is their packed lunchbox. I think I accidentally achieved this focus by buying new lunchboxes in…

  • Robinsons Squash'd

    Keeping refreshed with Robinsons Squash’d

    Drinking lots of water is a no brainer, especially as the summer days arrive and the children are more likely to be found in the garden playing than relaxing around the…

  • My Go-To Celebration Cake

    A Go-To Celebration Cake

    My relationship with baking has somewhat fizzled out over recent months, between work and trying to eat better I’ve stayed away from my love of baking cakes and bread. And it…