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  • My daughter at eight

    Appreciating my daughter at eight

    Me and my girl. The chance to reflect on my daughter at eight. We do have good days. We have times where we really are the kind of pair most would…

  • New school year

    First day of a new school year

    School mornings in our home are one of those relaxed yet frantic affairs. As hubby is in charge of setting the routine, as he is here every morning, it’s ‘lean’. I…

  • Naughty boy

    My naughty boy {The Ordinary Moments}

    This time last year we made the decision. It was simple on the surface. The boys are at a two-form entry school. After a year in reception we worked with the…

  • Family of newborn twins

    “Are you really happy?”

    My latest line in work is that I’m a reflector. I’ve no idea really, I’m good at answering on the hoof. When I have the answer. But other questions I know…

  • Siblings January 2017

    Siblings January 2017

    I really want to make this project work in 2017. My favourite photos of 2016 are of my three. But sometimes, it just seems more difficult. So happy are they in…

  • Merry Christmas 2016

    Merry Christmas 2016

    So here it is, Merry Christmas, we made it. Against all odds. It so felt like that.The stockings are full. The wine glass is empty. It is time for bed. We…