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  • Mother of three

    On being a mother to three

    Being a mother of twins is special, being a mother of three born within 21 months isn't easy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.…

  • Life Right Now: November

    Life Right Now: November

    I’m doing so well with this… Hmmmm. After feeling inspired by Sara-Jayne in September, I missed October. I like to think this is with good reason, we left the country. Temporarily.…

  • The boy with ADHD

    The boy with ADHD

    This year has been as all others we have lived since becoming a family. It has been one where we have learned how to be a better family. And we’re still…

  • Life Right Now: September

    Life Right Now: September

    I have been loving the very lovely Sara-Jayne’s update posts and thought I would join her with some refection on our month. Life doesn’t stop being busy, but more so this…

  • Miller - a life lived

    Miller – a life lived

    There was a time, when I started my first blog (all the way back in 2011) that you would just write a post. Throw in some photos and press publish. And…

  • The North- ever the bittersweet journey

    The North- ever the bittersweet journey

    As we left this afternoon, you said you still read my blog. I was planning to write to you, but in the absence of finding a Paperchase at the train station (disbelief!),…

  • School's out for summer

    School’s out for summer

    Another school year is done. School’s out for summer. I have taller children, with bigger feet. Children who have gained in stature, physically and mentally I look at my boys and can’t…

  • Now you are nine
    Blog, Family

    Now you are nine

    On Thursday evening, I sat and watched you sleep. I was in wonder. Of how clueless I was, this time nine years ago. Of how I had no idea what you…