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  • Life Right Now: September

    Life Right Now: September

    I have been loving the very lovely Sara-Jayne’s update posts and thought I would join her with some refection on our month. Life doesn’t stop being busy, but more so this…

  • Miller - a life lived

    Miller – a life lived

    There was a time, when I started my first blog (all the way back in 2011) that you would just write a post. Throw in some photos and press publish. And…

  • The North- ever the bittersweet journey

    The North- ever the bittersweet journey

    As we left this afternoon, you said you still read my blog. I was planning to write to you, but in the absence of finding a Paperchase at the train station (disbelief!),…

  • School's out for summer

    School’s out for summer

    Another school year is done. School’s out for summer. I have taller children, with bigger feet. Children who have gained in stature, physically and mentally I look at my boys and can’t…

  • Now you are nine
    Blog, Family

    Now you are nine

    On Thursday evening, I sat and watched you sleep. I was in wonder. Of how clueless I was, this time nine years ago. Of how I had no idea what you…

  • My daughter at eight

    Appreciating my daughter at eight

    Me and my girl. The chance to reflect on my daughter at eight. We do have good days. We have times where we really are the kind of pair most would…

  • New school year

    First day of a new school year

    School mornings in our home are one of those relaxed yet frantic affairs. As hubby is in charge of setting the routine, as he is here every morning, it’s ‘lean’. I…