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  • A mother enjoying time with a child diagnosed with ADHD

    Parenting a child with ADHD

    Honestly? Does anyone have a clue about parenting? I've never thought of pretending. Now I'm responsible. For a child diagnosed with ADHD. Send help!…

  • Living with ADHD

    Living with ADHD

    I've realised everything about living with ADHD is about making you the parent you never wanted to be, and everything about being the parent you need to be.…

  • Seren at ten


    I’m still the person who reads ‘Ten’ and thinks of Pearl Jam. Now my reality is accompanied by me being a parent to a ten year-old. Just wow. Everything isn’t as…

  • Mother of three

    On being a mother to three

    Being a mother of twins is special, being a mother of three born within 21 months isn't easy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.…

  • Life Right Now: November

    Life Right Now: November

    I’m doing so well with this… Hmmmm. After feeling inspired by Sara-Jayne in September, I missed October. I like to think this is with good reason, we left the country. Temporarily.…

  • The boy with ADHD

    The boy with ADHD

    This year has been as all others we have lived since becoming a family. It has been one where we have learned how to be a better family. And we’re still…

  • Life Right Now: September

    Life Right Now: September

    I have been loving the very lovely Sara-Jayne’s update posts and thought I would join her with some refection on our month. Life doesn’t stop being busy, but more so this…

  • Miller - a life lived

    Miller – a life lived

    There was a time, when I started my first blog (all the way back in 2011) that you would just write a post. Throw in some photos and press publish. And…