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  • My reading pile

    My reading pile – the 2019 edition

    Reading has kept me going. This year I have read the most inspirational books. I have read books which have made me laugh, cry and some which have made me really,…

  • Six books for a Sunday

    Six books for Sunday

    My reading has fallen off the edge of a cliff in recent weeks. So I'm going to take the time to celebrate. And hopefully motivate myself to start keeping a book…

  • My five for a Friday

    My five for a Friday

    It’s getting more and more difficult to find time to blog. I’m a broken record. Children getting older gives you less time not more. How wrong was I? Giving up uni…

  • favourite books for 2018

    My favourite books for 2018

    I am so grateful that I get to write about my favourite books for 2018. Because it means I had choice. It means I had the time to read.…

  • Replacing university with books

    Replacing university with books

    One of the ways I’m currently justifying giving up university (I don’t think I’ve actually committed the final act of letting the university know yet…) is that I have the opportunity…

  • Books, Stationery

    September’s Papery Peep

    What I’m writing You might have seen my #Sunday Stationery post about getting organised with To-Do Lists, I love the difference a to-do list makes, even if some things on it…

  • Books

    Dear Zoo – favourite books for toddlers

    Our children grew up with Roy Campbell, I think ‘Dear Zoo’ is a great, first introduction to books. Although cruelly I think ‘It’s Mine’ was my favourite, just because I loved seeing…

  • Books

    Bring Back Paper

    Like my last Bring Back Paper post, this is two months worth of an update. I really should get better at this, but last month I realised I hadn’t been reading…