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  • Creating space

    Creating space – leaving university

    A few years ago I was faced with the prospect of redundancy. I, with the support of my husband, decided to face the challenge head on, and accept the opportunity. As…

  • On turning forty at Barry Island

    On turning forty

    As loudly or as quietly as it happens turning forty is something we’d hate to think doesn’t happen to us. And in typing that, there is the reality. My thoughts on…

  • Life update

    Life update – nothing to see here

    I hope you’ll allow me a quick post. Every morning I’m conscious that I haven’t been blogging. It’s got to the point that I think about stopping. I wonder how, with…

  • Peonies in the office

    Peonies in the office – closing in on forty

    There is now an odd excitement about the summer. Firmly grasping the milestone of forty l’ve decided to leave the country. Unexpectedly my 39th year has been as calm and peaceful…

  • Body better with XLS-Nutrition

    Body better with XLS-Nutrition

    So, at the end of week 7 of my first weight-loss experience and I can definitely say it’s worth it. I think you’ll have gathered from my early posts that I…

  • Happy anniversary you

    Happy anniversary you

    Eight years ago, in a heat which seemed rare for May, I was glad of a quick spring shower to calm the temperature. I had chosen our flowers not only because…

  • Getting active with XLS-Nutrition

    Getting active with XLS-Nutrition

    At the end of week five of the XLS-Nutrition Boost Buddies programme, I probably have to reiterate a truth. I’ve never been on a weight-loss programme or a proper diet before.…

  • Annual leave, books and home

    Annual leave, books and home #LittleLoves

    It’s been a little while since I’ve managed to join in with Little Loves. This week, I’ve needed them. On Sunday we took the decision to come home from holiday five…