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  • My ten for a Sunday

    My six for a Sunday

    My six for a Sunday is a bit of a mix. I think it's slowly dawning on me that I stress about grown up things. But also that I'm getting to…

  • Six for a Sunday

    Six for a Sunday

    So, I missed five for a Friday. Again. So welcome to six for a Sunday. Which feels more achievable.…

  • My five for a Friday

    Five for a Friday

    My five for a Friday is also a little late. But, as on balance, it's been a good week, it's one I need to appreciate. …

  • My five for a Friday - Llangrannog

    My Five for a Friday

    So, if you're following me on Instagram, there's nothing to see here. But if you're looking for a West Wales filled Five for a Friday- you're welcome!…

  • Life right now - February

    Life Right Now – February

    Ok, so I only managed to write two posts between this and my last Life Right Now monthly update, but February is a short month… So short, I was on Skype…

  • Life Right Now

    Life Right Now – January

    Life right now. Literally right now. Because in a few hours it will turn again. But for now. This was my January.…

  • Blog

    Hopes and Dreams for 2019

    What would be your hopes and dreams for 2019? I've tried to be realistic in my ten. I don't think mine are a wishlist - although some are of kilter. So…

  • My favourite photo moments of 2018

    My favourite photo moments of 2018

    Having written about my favourite theatre and books of the year, I thought I'd follow up with my favourite photo moments of 2018. Albeit this was meant to be favourite moments.…

  • Five for a Friday

    My Five for a Friday

    What a week it’s been. I’ve been reminded of why you’re meant to be off regularly throughout the year rather than be left with three weeks at the end (along with…

  • Feeling content

    Feeling content

    The odd thing about knowing 2019 has a cliff edge from which I need to jump, is that I’m feeling content. From a work perspective, I have been in my current…