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September’s Papery Peep

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You might have seen my #Sunday Stationery post about getting organised with To-Do Lists, I love the difference a to-do list makes, even if some things on it remain never done, it allows me to measure how I’m going to know at the end of the day whether I’ve actually been doing the things I’m meant to be doing, or getting distracted by numerous other priorities.
Things to Do ListAnd September has seen me start, and fall in love with a new Planner, I’m discovering more and more how valuable this is. It’s great for sorting out the never-ending work-home balance- I thought life would get easier with all three little people in school full-time, but have actually found we’re now struggling with the various after-school activities, working away, and being down to one car.
BlogtacularxLollipop Planner
What I’m reading
Getting back into reading has been cause of great celebration in September. My bedside table is now stacked high with half-read books which I haven’t managed to find the enthusiasm to continue to the end.
And then hubby came home with a fool proof- a new Jack Reacher novel. And yes, in all the years of reading Lee Child’s series there has never been a book I haven’t finished. I was so pleased to be reading again.
Make Me Lee ChildAnd on a roll, I picked up ‘The Girl on the Train’. I got on the 16.06 from home, and sat on a train until 21.29. Travelled onto where I was staying the night, and finished the book at midnight.

It was fantastic. I love to read the last few pages of books long before the end (I know! I’m sorry!), and books where the twists that get you to the end are by far the best, and this was definitely the case.

I went into the office the next day and passed the book on, it’s just one of the books you know should be enjoyed by as many as people as possible- it is good to read a good book!
Papery PeepAnd then I started reading ‘The Taxidermist’s Daughter’ by Kate Mosse. Kate Mosse is another author which has never failed to write a book I want to put down. This book was so different to the Languedoc trilogy, and I have to admit to being a little disappointed, but even so it is definitely recommended, it’s just in a way, the benchmark is set far too high. I find Kate Mosse’s books are not the kind I read in one sitting, and this did take me over a week- partly because I wasn’t travelling as much.
Bring Back PaperI’m starting the new month with ‘The Ice Twins’. I was tempted when I bought ‘The Taxidermist’s Daughter’ but decided against, after seeing someone on the tube reading it as I was finishing my book I took it as a sign. Hopefully it will keep me on a roll!

As for making, in the chaos of the month there hasn’t really been anything. Although, I did pick up a fantastic gift from Etsy, which I feel the need to signpost you to, as Sarah was fantastically lovely and the gift which winged its way to me was absolutely beautiful!
Vintage by Sarah at Etsy

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    The Reading Residence
    October 5, 2015 at 10:02

    Look at you back into the swing of reading! I get like that, too, and almost need that one book to kick start me again. Glad you’ve managed it and have been enjoying it. Thanks for sharing with #PaperyPeep x
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