Replacing university with books

Replacing university with books

One of the ways I’m currently justifying giving up university (I don’t think I’ve actually committed the final act of letting the university know yet…) is that I have the opportunity to read what I want to read rather than what I have to read.

One of the many reasons I gave up on university is that I lost passion for my thesis. Whilst still believing fundamentally in social value and social return on investment, I feel long in the tooth. I started down this road over ten years ago, and if businesses can’t take the time to smell the coffee, why shouldn’t others gain from this USP?

And I’ve come to realise it’s better to care about something which is integral rather than a result of employ. I’m no less passionate about social benefit, but if I left my job tomorrow, then what?

At work this year I’ve involved myself in more research projects, about enabling employment, enabling qualifications in the workplace, and reviewing what a career means and how to respond to society’s fuller working lives. It’s stretched my thinking, I’ve been encouraged to use my creativity and have confidence in my knowledge and experience. And so in work I have felt the fulfilment of being involved in research without the framework of academia.

Outside of work I have decided to learn about things which interest me. Whilst I have picked up fiction books I have picked books which expand, reinforce or grow my learning. I still remain agog by the HR professional whose instinctive response to my husband having been a SAHD was to respond with ‘So you’re a feminist’ rather than many other more appropriate responses to why there is a gender pay gap and the momentum for equal pay.Fight Like A GirlIn learning more about feminism, I’m learning more about equality and equity. I’m appreciating the reality of privilege and the lack of parity which is ignored despite being in clear view.

And I don’t feel like I’m touching the surface.

There are so many willing to speak on behalf of so many, the challenge is always under which remit.

Social media seems a gold mine for touching on reality. But it’s also a quagmire for aggression, prejudice and those who exist to bring others down.

I’m going to share the books which I have been reading each week. Hopefully a good mix of non-fiction and fiction in the hope I coax a few recommendations for new reads to keep me going.

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