My reading pile – the 2019 edition

My reading pile

It might have passed you by. I hope it has. I’ve been a rubbish blogger this year. Edinburgh was an overdose. I haven’t even written about it properly. But since then, life’s been a focus towards 2020. Subject matter for blogging has been lacking. As my Instagram content moved toward my reading pile, I thought I might kick start my blog with similar content.

Reading has kept me going. This year I have read the most inspirational books. I have read books which have made me laugh, cry and some which have made me really, really think, and reflect.

I read some books where I can’t find the motivation to keep turning the pages. Some stay in my reading pile as I’m convinced it’s a ‘me not you’ thing. Others I’ve resigned either to the shelf, or worse still the charity shop pile.

My book pile in February looked like this:

I’ve only managed to finish two books on this pile. Fortunately they’re both absolute must reads.

I read Tara Westover’s Educated whilst we were on the holiday where I took this snap. It was a tough, long read. But worth it. There is a sense of awe. Of all the lives we don’t know. We don’t appreciate because they’re so far from what we know. And then you read about them, and what is accepted, what is overcome. And you appreciate what a life lived really is.

I picked up Michelle Obama’s Becoming on another holiday in July. I didn’t want to start it as hardback’s are never great to carry around on my travels. I’m sorry I didn’t pick it up sooner. There are so many extracts of Michelle’s story which I captured to read again. There is so much which motivates me to want to do better. It’s a fantastic read, regardless of politics.

Reflecting on where I got to by the time I descended on Edinburgh in August. There is a theme. I think,and hope, it may creep into blog content moving forward. Edinburgh and live since has reinforced it. Privilege. To recognise it and to keep it in check. That things might be unfair, but to what extent. That you might have struggled. But to what extent. And where do you channel your energies. What change do you want to evoke. If you even do feel the need for change.

The most recent snap of my reading pile isn’t entirely accurate. I have of course picked up more books in the making of my life.

Most noteworthy would be The Testaments. I have loved The Handmaid’s Tale being brought to being on television. My head has hurt with the alignment to today’s reality. And The Testaments retained the need to feel, to be, in disbelief, angry, unhappy. And wanting better.

Other books I’ve posted on my Instagram which I’d recommend are An American Marriage and My Sister, the Serial Killer. Fantastic reads for very different reasons.

I’m four books into my current reading pile. And I would definitely recommend all four.

As joint winner of the Booker Prize, Girl, Woman, Other is an absolute masterpiece in writing. My brain hurts in the intricacies of bringing together so many stories together, so many threads intertwining.

But above all else, as my Instagram account reflects, Skint Estate. If Becoming was call to action to society, Skint Estate takes the call into the community. The reality of life with living with inequity, with inequality and with the removal of compassion.

I’ll probably, and hopefully, tot up all the books I’ve managed to read this year. I feel so fortunate to have found the time to read. Although there are obvious indicators that I’ve been reading for a distraction from more important things.

More of that to come. The next post may well be the changing wardrobe of someone who’s also turned to food.

The procrastination in this one is strong!

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    November 25, 2019 at 07:55

    I’ve just finished ‘the man who didn’t call’ following your photo. It had been on my amazon list for a while but wasn’t sure if it was worth investing the time in it. But I really enjoyed it, a slow start but it soon picked up.

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