Ladybird Tuesday- Jump from the Sky

Last year my mum ‘off loaded’ the contents of her attic at ours. In amongst the things which should have never have been kept (all of my GCSE, A-Level and Degree coursework and notes), were books upon books, including the gems of my childhood, many with the ‘Ladybird’ logo.

I hadn’t got round to getting involved with Being Mrs C’s Ladybird Tuesday, but then last week at a Vintage Fair in Cardiff, this book caught my eye, and a little smile as I opened it to find the adventures of Peter and Jane.

Ladybird Tuesday

‘Jump from the Sky’ is part of the Key Words Reading Scheme series, published in 1980 it is no doubt one that sat on the shelves at the school where I learned to read, and as such now reading it with CM learning causes a wry smile as there are some interesting gender types which cause a little bit of a shudder.

‘Jump from the Sky’ starts with Peter and Jane accompanying their Uncle to the Aeroplane Show and their hopes to travel in an aeroplane and to learn to fly.

After watching men jumping from the planes, Peter and Jane find a balloon seller. The balloons each have a tag to write names and addresses, with the hope that the once let go, someone will find the balloon and send it back.

Ladybird Tuesday

The story then explores where each of the balloons land.

Ladybird Tuesday

And, along with Peter and Jane’s days after the Show, which include the boys playing in the garden with a toy gun and bubbles, with the girls in the kitchen helping Jane’s mother to cook.

After they explore the world of Cowboys and Cowgirls and Indians, which is followed by the children playing the game in the woods.

Ladybird Tuesday

They come to an empty house where unfortunately one of their friends get hurt and has to go to hospital. Peter and Jane visit their friend and also others in the hospital.

The story ends with Peter, Jane and their friends receiving letters from those who found their balloons.


All in all the story is great for a variety of different themes, it is a little bit of an odd detour to get back to the overarching story of the balloons.

CM maintained an interest but it did not feel as lively as some of our other Ladybird books- maybe the fact that this is a learning book is more obvious to the learner reader.

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