Keeping a 7 year old happy with Carlton Kids

Last week, for the first week this school year, CM was off school poorly. There is nothing worse than a poorly child, and worse still- one who doesn’t want to be off school. CM is the kind of child who fights illness, and we watched her fighting the virus for a few days before she succumbed. When she did it was difficult, she needed to be kept busy whilst trying to recover enough energy to fight the lurgy. Carlton Kids Alice Through the Looking GlassFortunately we had received two completely different motivators from Carlton Kids. One allowed CM to be engaged whilst relaxing- by reading. Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ is  beautifully illustrated book. Retelling the sequel to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ the book has a homely feel, of familiarity, and whilst it is has enough words to tell the story- designed for 6+ year olds- there is enough to keep a young child engaged. The pages have beautiful associated illustrations featuring familiar characters.Carlton Kids Alice Through the Looking GlassIn addition to the illustrations is the ‘lift the tab’ engagement, this ensured as CM’s concentration lapsed there was something to keep her interested, because she loved the wonderful artwork.

But nothing prepared either of us for the fantastic pop-up page… you really do need to buy the book!Carlton Kids Alice Through the Looking GlassAs CM’s health got better, she still needed to be boost her energy stores. Whilst her preference seemed ‘boom and bust’- a great spurt of energy before she fell fast asleep, we quickly realised we needed to give her something more than reading.

Carlton has produced the kind of colouring book which is very similar to those being marketed for adults, an instant win for CM. My Mandalas is a wonderfully grown up colouring book, full of beautiful images for careful creation. Carlton Kids My Mandalas Colouring BookCM definitely thought this was a colouring book worthy of her (and mine) attention. And one thing worth noting is that broad tip pens won’t entirely fit the bill, using my fine tip pens was one compromise I had to make. Carlton Kids My Mandalas Colouring BookThe mandalas in this book are beautiful and a perfect distraction for a child who things themselves too old for ‘colouring in’.

Both these books have had merit in the week post illness. My Mandalas is the perfect relaxation and distraction from the week. And the perfect place to hone concentration and artistic license.

Since finishing ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ for herself, the wonder of the book is being passed to younger brothers. I now have to sit and listen as a 7-year-old regales her 5-year-old brothers with the tale- bliss.

Disclosure: We received ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ and ‘My Mandalas’ for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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