Word of the Week #WotW

Well, it could be a reference to work, and people’s behaviour.
Fortunately it’s not.
It would have been the theatre masks, or just a comedy of errors.
I digress.

It’s been half term here and whilst I’ve only managed two days off, we did enjoy them.
I got home from two days in London this evening, chatting to CM I mentioned how much I enjoyed having her home for half term, “Yes mummy, I was so glad we got two whole days, in a row, to spend together.” Hmmmm, drenched in parental guilt, whilst questioning what she thinks weekends are!

We spent those two days at the Dance House in Cardiff Bay and the New Theatre in Cardiff, and then I went off to London and was lucky enough to get along to the Royal Court Theatre.

So, in between work, there’s been a lot of enjoyment, much of which provided by the theatre.

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