Word of the Week #WotW

I am shattered.
I’m sure I’m full of positivity too,
It’s buried deep.

The boys have been ill.
My poor loves.
Half term is a week too far away for my new starters

I think they’re just shattered.
There’s a theme isn’t there…

So, we’ve had sleepless nights and poorliness.
And then it’s been bedlam at work,
We knew it was going to be bad, but it seems it really has been a “what else can we throw at them?” theme on what was already going to be bad.
And for the first time, whilst in some ways I’ve felt really supported- and that hasn’t happened in forever, from people beyond my direct team.
But for the first time in forever I’ve also I’ve had no-one to turn to for counsel, someone on the same page to confide in and find a way forward.

So I’m tired, and I have this feeling in the bottom of my belly what is going on isn’t quite right.

And of course, at the back of my mind, I need to find a new job.
And I’m just too tired.

So, yes, next week, half term, we can all rejuvenate.
And start a new page afresh.

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