Word of the Week #WotW

If you’re reading this, well, chances are I’m not online.

I’m not sure whether I’m taking the little people with me or them taking me.

We’re unexpectedly treating them to a weekend which we didn’t anticipate.

Whilst camping was on the cards a recurring illness stood in our way.

And so, we thought about what the little people would enjoy most.

After a week of ‘coping’ with working in the summer holidays.

Wondering how the next six weeks would unfold if conference calls are no longer possible due to the gatecrashers of happy children being on the summer holidays.

So the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” ethos has been adopted.
Word of the Week #WotW
And so, we are off, across the seas, to the white peaked roofs we can see on a clear day.

For renditions of “Hey, we’re the Sky Line Gang” and begging requests for five minutes more with greater dramatic quality than we are accustomed to at home.

For peaceful sleeps, the combination of adrenaline and exhaustion.

Hoping of course the little people will be able to sleep through my snores.

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