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This week has been all about the countdown to today.

I’m not really sure if the boys “get it”, they are so excited about starting big school- especially the bit where they’ll be able to play in the playground with their big sister, and have packed lunches in superhero lunchboxes.

But yesterday they said goodbye to their playgroup, where they’ve spent three mornings a week since they turned two. It was a great party atmosphere and they really have gone out on a high.

But what of September, full-time school, and fewer of the freedoms they have enjoyed.

And then to today, as CM says goodbye to her teacher, all ready for the holidays- especially as we’ll be heading straight from school to Bristol to see Hetty Feather Live, a taster of the two days we have planned in London over the holidays taking advantage of Kids Week.

The boys will say goodbye to their teacher and support team- the wonderful people who have taught them to write their names, form their letters and numbers, understand sounds and numbers.

I don’t want to take away from their excitement, I am with them in welcoming the summer holidays and all they have in store.

And their next chapter, Reception and Year 2 are within their grasp- and they can’t wait to embrace their new classes.

But goodbye’s, well they don’t get any easier.

Word of the Week #WotW


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