The one where we lost one of our seven lives

We lost one of our seven lives

Florian Steciuk
The pessimist wants to conclude that there are some things that aren’t meant to be.
The optimist concludes it was an adventure. Just not the one we had planned.

Blue October are one of our favourite bands.
So much so that, for many reasons, ‘Calling You’ was our first song at our wedding.

We won’t talk about the time that shortly after CM was born when Mr J came home with the good news that he was going to see the band in Leeds. Solo.

Or the time when I was pregnant with the boys, and he bought two tickets to see the band in Manchester.

It seems Steve was really excited about seeing them with Mr J.

I’m sure I’ve got passed that.

And that this year is the year when him and me will start spending more time together.

The conversation with CM. Her obstination. We definitely had spent time together. Aunty Leigh-Anne’s wedding. I pointed out that was almost a year ago. She found it in herself that maybe daddy and mummy could have a night out without her and her brothers. On the understanding that we’re celebrating our wedding anniversary (swiftly writing off any plans for May then…).

Tickets bought.
Work finished for the day.

We headed out of Cardiff both content that we had timed this perfectly. The traffic was definitely on our side.

As we crossed the bridge into England, Mr J realised this would be my first time seeing Blue October. I bit my tongue.

And we zoomed up the motorway, approaching the junction for the M5.

We stopped.

The engine cut out.

In the fast lane of the M4.

At the horrible junction for the M5.

Where you’re going up a hill, and the ‘slow’ lane becomes the dedicated junction lane.

After what seemed forever, Mr J managed to turn over the engine, find enough of a gap in the traffic to limp over to the hard shoulder.

Roadside assistance was soon there to give our car some TLC.

We didn’t get to see Blue October.

We did get to get home safely. In tact.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    March 26, 2018 at 08:57

    Oh my goodness, what a terrifying experience. Breaking down in never good at the best of times but in the fast lane of the M4 – crikey!

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