The Chimes, Sequins and Christmas #LittleLoves

The Chimes, Sequins and Christmas

It’s been a little while since I joined in Little Loves. My last post was at the end of a difficult week. Riding that out, and how quickly life snowballs has meant time hasn’t been on my side.

I went to see a children’s play not long after, and whilst it may not be what I remember of the story of The Magic Porridge Pot, I took away how much of life is being lost in our obsession with ‘busy’. And I know I am the absolute worst at this- between work, family, uni and friends I have excuses coming out of my arm, and even if it wasn’t for the excuses, I feel like I am always chasing my tail.

So, I’ve been trying not to be busy. Our home is bare compared to previous years of Christmas decorations. It’s been something which has gone by the wayside in favour of other priorities- family.

I may be no wiser than I was 5 weeks ago about where the next year will take us, but I know that because of my most precious little love, my family, we’re ready for the challenges, the fun, and the opportunity.


I still haven’t picked up a book. So, I thought I’d share a few favourite articles from this week.

The first is one which completely resonated with me. It’s an interview with Ethan Hawke in The Guardian, and so much of it rang true, but there was one response which completely got me:

People make me nervous. I feel there is a direct relationship to the amount of anxiety there is in my body, with the amount of people I have around.”

Of the things I’ve read about introverts and anxiety, I think this is the one which made me get it.

I struggled for the second part of this year. I’ve realised that I need to balance work better. I’ve been doing so much at work which just makes me want to come home and crawl into my family shell.

The second article is beautifully written. It resonated because Mr J has never known his father. I know I must have interrogated him in the early days on this. Even more, for me, when his mum passed and so the story ended. Reading this I learned so much more, it has never mattered to him, and it needn’t.

And finally, this will be appreciated forever as a wonder of what happens through writing a blog. Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to see Dickens’ The ChimesThe production was a mix of professional actors and those who have experience with homelessness. I published my review, and life carried on.

On my way to London this week I received a tweet directing me to a blog post written in response to reviews and feedback received, including my own. It’s someone’s journey, and it’s a bumpy ride. But it reinforces how theatre really does enrich lives. 


I feel so fortunate to have seen so much fantastic theatre this Christmas. And I’m ridiculously excited to be carrying on our Christmas tradition of a family trip to the Sherman Theatre to see The Wind in the Willows tomorrow.

Television wise I am loving Bull and Scandal as my guilty American pleasure. And, now in no doubt an ever-increasing minority, I still love The Apprentice. Although I can’t decide whether it’s generosity or greed which lead to this year’s decision.

And whilst it’s been a catch-up programme for me, I have absolutely loved Howards EndI can’t do lots of period dramas but every now and again it’s just what is needed.


My love of Spotify continues. The addition of Your Top Songs 2017  really has made my world a better place. Skipping through the period of Joseph and The Technicolor Dreamcoat aside- it really has been a good year.


Absolutely nothing new. I did wear sequins on my work night out. Even I was surprised.

But, I spotted a top from Joanie Clothing which was completely not me, but I loved it (and it was a bargain). In the spirit of making an effort, I decided Christmas was worth it. Joanie Clothing

MadeHomemade Gifts Christmas Drinks - Three ways

I am super proud this week. All of the teachers’ gifts were made ahead of 9pm on Thursday evening- cards and all. And against the odds (trying to find swimming noodles at this time of year), birthday invites have been dispatched for a ‘Nerf War’ in January. 

So, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the surplus bourbon.


I’m so glad it’s time to relax. In no time the children will be home from school. I don’t plan on travelling any further than a 30 minute radius of home until the new year. I do love my job, and I love being in London so often, but seeing in this new year at home is so welcome.  

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    December 27, 2017 at 15:59

    You cannot beat a Joanie Clothing bargain, and that top is no exception!
    I love the quote you’ve included from the Ethan Hawke interview, it certainly rings true for me.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas xx

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