Sunset, happy songs and planning #LittleLoves

Sunset, happy songs and planning

I’ve lost all track of time, and feel like I’ve got to the end of the week having achieved nothing. I spent last weekend at university and went away on Monday and got home on Thursday. Today I was working from home, finding time to paint the letters for CM’s room. And that was it. 

On the plus side, I’ve a few weeks of minimal travel, so I really want to get CM’s room finished and get another assignment under my belt. Fingers crossed.


I’ve found some time this week to return to Swing Time. I’m really enjoying it, but so eager to finish it. Oddly, completely oddly, Mr J phoned to say he had picked me up a treat whilst I was away. I returned home to Vince Flynn’s American Assassin and I’m hoping it is as good as he’s promised me it will be.Sleeping better with S+ by ResMed


I must admit to watching an insane amount of tv this week, whilst watching absolutely nothing. I’ve had no motivation this week after work other than crawl underneath the duvet and watch tv- the absolute joy of living out of a suitcase.

I did get to watch the most amazing sunset on a flight from Glasgow to London, reminding me of the best bits of life in the sky.Sunset


Oh for the joy of easy mornings. I’ve realised this week that waking up and enjoying some good music ahead of work is (nearly) as good as good coffee. And not just what I would usually deem good music, but happy music that my children love.

I do really need to fall in love with some ‘current’ music. This week I was slightly horrified to hear Radio 2 describe The Killer’s Mr Brightside as a golden oldie. I am feeling ridiculously vintage.



I know that doesn’t count. I am however over-the-moon that I’ve achieved a first in not having to write to my children’s teachers asking for an alternative appointment as I am actually home for parents’ evening next week. This didn’t go entirely to plan as the hospital phoned with a cancellation appointment, but fortunately the school re-arranged and I’m still attending on an actual parents’ evening.

Six years plus after getting married I’ve finally remembered to let the pension office know. I’ve got all the craft materials sorted in advance for Messy Church this Sunday (admittedly it involved buying Oreos so wasn’t a chore). And I’ve notified the school in advance that CM has her first orthodontist appointment on Monday. I am winning at planning, I’m sure.


Apart from changing from DM shoes to DM boots this week there’s nothing really to be said for my wardrobe. My biggest achievement this week has been managing to pack all of my clothes in what is really an overnight bag, such was my desire not to have hold baggage. 


I have a ridiculous sense of excitement knowing I will not be working away for the next fortnight. Fortunately it also coincides with part of my parents’ being away. I have once again realised we’ve yet to leave our children with anyone other than my mum and dad.

My parents have escaped for over a month to Thailand. In an odd kind of excitement I became an aunt again on my birthday. I now have a nephew and a niece! It’s odd having no idea of when I’ll met either. Needless to say, mum and dad are heading over laden with gifts.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    October 14, 2017 at 08:04

    I don’t know how you manage to juggle the different elements of your life. Although watching that sunset I think would make travelling a little easier.

    I really need to get down the kids and listen to something current too. I find myself turning to old favourites as a source of comfort.

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