Still Me, London and a Biker Jacket #LittleLoves


As busy weeks go, this one has to be one of the most bizarre. I’ve been away in London, and with a new bullet journal I’ve managed to figure out working away Tuesday to Thursday will pretty much be the norm until September. Throw in taking the time to read a letter from work which tells me I’m under collective consultation, potentially resulting in notice of redundancy- it feels odd being so carried with work at a time of so much change.

In spite of the bizarre, it’s been a fantastic week. I’ve had a couple of nights out in London and time with the little people. My #LittleLoves for this week has been rich pickings.


Using my daughter has an excuse for shopping, I couldn’t resist picking up Still Me, despite it only being available in hardback. This made for a difficult decision, and despite best endeavours to finish the book before I headed away for the week I didn’t manage it, there wasn’t enough room in my suitcase. 

Still Me was worth the wait. I absolutely loved it.JoJo Moyes Still Me


I haven’t really seen anything on tv this week.

I have been enjoying the sights of London which is a little unusual for me as I seem to just stick to places I am familiar with.

I’ve been enjoying walking to work. Trying not to be like too much of a tourist as I join the waves of people finding their way to the offices. But there is something fantastic about looking up in London. This week all the railings were being prepared for the marathon and I kept bumping into runners at the hotel. Completely inspiring.

A mix up with Google Maps saw me on a water bus down the Thames on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we had a team away day. Fortunately we made the most of the blue skies.Tower of London


Nothing new. My love of The Vaccines continues. Mr J has mentioned a couple of albums I should listen to so hopefully this week’s train journeys will see some new loves develop.


I’m so excited to be starting a new Bullet Journal. I’m so grateful that this is my third Bullet Journal and whilst I’m not compulsive, the format really works for me. I decided to invest in a teal fountain pen to match my journal. It’s definitely a love thing.Bullet Journal


Last weekend saw everything go to pot but everything come together. I couldn’t get the car started so need my mum on Sunday to get CM to her climbing class. We ended up going into town with my parents and whilst they made their way through their shopping list, the only thing I could think we needed was a summer jacket for CM.

For the first time CM became a fussy shopper. Her standard phrase was “kinda yes, kinda no”. And I got the feeling nothing less than a ‘yes’ would result in a successful shopping trip.

Just as I was beginning to lose the will I saw a biker jacket. On impulse I pointed to it, and CM was hook, line and sinker. Not only is it a biker jacket but it also has floral embroidery. CM is obsessed with everything associated with Japan and so this was absolutely perfect for her.

My nine year-old daughter has discovered her style.Biker Jacket

And lastly,

Where to even start. I’m in the process of applying for an ‘interruption of study’ at uni. It feels like the right thing to do. I haven’t had to give up on my dreams entirely, but I have the chance to feel on more of an even footing at home and at work. And that feels ok. 

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    April 24, 2018 at 21:50

    Loving the biker jacket, it really suits her and her personality too

  • Reply
    April 25, 2018 at 15:58

    Gosh, you are having a busy time of it, such a good job you are on top of it all with your bullet journal.
    That biker jacket is gorgeous, I can see why you were both drawn to it. x

  • Reply
    December 3, 2018 at 10:15

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