Six for Easter Sunday

Six for Easter Sunday

It’s been a really varied week which has ended with some relaxing family time over Easter. I say relaxing. Which seems a strong word when I’ve had moments of giving myself a headache with shouting. But there’s been some really good moments to appreciate.


You know when you have to admit to your mum that you got it wrong. It’s rubbish.

Oh my goodness.

So I was cynical. Especially as Tom came home from school with a green overlay. Which happens to be his favourite colour.

We went in this week and left 80 minutes later. With Tom’s reading speeds tested and assessed. His reading speed was doubled with pink overlays.


The Girl in the Corner

I’m not sure if this would end up on my end of year list of good books but it did keep me reading. Which is a good thing with so many distractions.
I think I’m probably more pleased that I’ve managed to finish another book. Whilst this was a book which provoked interesting questions, by the end and in reflection it felt bit too predictable.

Amanda Prowse The Girl in the Corner

Messy Church

Saturday was Messy Church and I’m so glad all three enjoy these afternoons. This month’s was focused on Easter and I got to help out with crafting a sandal from cardboard, wooden beads and a pipe cleaner.


I had a few days off in the week so by the long bank holiday weekend it definitely felt time to escape. As it happened we didn’t need to travel far making our way to Fonmon Castle for an Easter Egg Hunt which included archery and dinosaurs. Three happy children!


As guessed, in some way I know this features every way in my life.

This week has been challenging (well, that’s a given), and what I’ve realised is that over the past 16 months my working world has changed. In the same odd way as you assess whether you’d choose to have family as friends, when you’re faced with redundancy…. and it’s this long a process, you do realise that some of your colleagues might actually be friends.

And so whilst there can be some assessment as to whether you are counsellor or friend, there is the dawn of reality.

We’re getting to that stage. Where decisions are being made about leaving. And whilst I know I will hang around until the end of the year, others don’t have the same luxury. So I’ll just have to hope I wasn’t a counsellor and that a friendship will remain.

Outside of work, I’ve been as overwhelmed as always in sharing Tom’s progress. It’s ridiculous to find out how many parents are in the same situation. And even worse to understand how other children are supported by their parents to have the best opportunities to thrive.

I am so grateful for those who’ve sat and talked with me this week. Apologised for ranting as I sit there so grateful that they are willing to share. Slightly scared for the hidden truths which sit behind our education and health services.


Tom had his first friend sleepover this week. It feels like a big deal. He’s been to the same friend’s for a sleepover but my nerves crept in. Tom has done cub camp and has stayed with my parents since he was a baby, but it felt like a big deal.

Fortunately it went fantastically. His friend is such a polite, well mannered child. Whilst there was some early excitement it soon balanced out into a great 24 hours.

Whilst I know I’ve been absent the past weeks, the time off has meant the world. I’m not sure where I’m at any more. Work absorbs. But as May approaches I know I have some adventures planned. And much needed balance.

I hope you’ve found your balance.

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