Six for a Sunday

Six for a Sunday

Well, it seems Five for a Friday has become one step too far. Determined not to lose the chance to reflect on the week, I’ve decided on a quick rebrand. Admittedly it was meant to be Six for a Saturday but, no surprises, even my weekends seem to be slipping away.

But, it’s been a good week, so it seems wrong not to celebrate the best bits.

And all this without mentioning the trip to a trampolining park on an INSET day. Think of all the brownie points I earned with taking my three (plus one) to a trampolining park with no-one else in it!

INSET trampolining fun

The Grand Slam

Oh yes. Cymru am byth. As I wrote on Instagram, I need to get better at remembering my daughter’s birthday clashes with the Six Nations. She’s ten tomorrow so this shouldn’t be news. But I’m sure the Welsh parents who received the news of their child being invited on a sleepover were happier than their child.

But it all worked out. It really did.

The School Run

There are those things which, when you do them regularly, become a chore. And then, like letting the boys wash the dishes, there are the things which are chores to some but not others.

This week I did every school run. Oh yes. Go me. For the first time in the six years we’ve been doing this. I’ve did almost the whole week (Monday was an INSET). And yes, we’ll overlook Tuesday afternoon’s school run when I was still in a meeting in Bridgend at ten to three when the children needed picking up at quarter past. Half an hour drive on a good day if you’re curious.

Walking on the school run

But yes, there are many elements of the school run I don’t like. That I prefer to walk and this was the week where a storm shaped all the weather conditions shouldn’t be mentioned. That my children think it’s fantastic when I’m there- enough said.

The New Amsterdam

Carrying on my discovery on Amazon Prime, I have loved The New Amsterdam. It’s a difficult watch, but oddly enlightening. The need to invest in the greater good is a twee message given how strong the storyline is but it’s impossible to convey why this is so good.

School Assemblies

This week was Seren’s school assembly. Each year group has one school assembly during the year.

There is so much investment from the school in making this one assembly a success. And, as highlighted, given half-term, the Eisteddfod and World Book Day, there’s been a whole lot else going on.

Seren’s was about the Victorian era, need I say more?

Victorian school assembly

And, if I’m looking for anything else to love in this photo. The under-bite is gone! A year of a brace has been worth it.

Afternoon tea

For a second week, Afternoon Tea features. Oh yes, imitation is the best form of flattery. Seren’s 10th birthday was based around an afternoon tea. Just in time I discovered Marks & Spencer’s Collect & Go.

Afternoon tea was absolutely delicious. I got to panic about where I had stored my red slate tile which was perfect for presenting the sandwiches. I wondered when a Wimpy party stopped being acceptable.


Oh my. So yes. If the school run thing wasn’t clue enough. I didn’t work away this week! Which means I got hooked on ITV’s Cheat. And it really was addictive. Full of the moments where you can’t bear to watch what’s about to happen next. It definitely forced me to turn my laptop off.

As always, I’m not sure what this week has in store. But, I hope yours is a good one, with at least six highlights!

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    March 18, 2019 at 08:33

    So pleased that Seren had a wonderful birthday, poor timing on your behalf with the Rugby. Can you not persuade her to have a rugby themed birthday bash one year?

  • Reply
    March 18, 2019 at 14:56

    Happy birthday Seren, she looks nice in her Victorian era outfit.

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