Six for a Sunday

Overlooking the London Eye at Sunset

Oh if it weren’t for these six for a Sunday posts, I’d question whether I should ever show up at events organised for bloggers. I’m going to carry on for a little longer, holding this baton, seeing where life takes me next.

Because, I don’t know if this is how life is. Is life crazy busy because this is the world we live in, or is this a temporary blip, being a parent to three key stage 2 children? Being away this week has made me really hold onto the moments.

And yes, there’s my subtle hint, this week is very much about my family. Now, where to start.

This boy – the seat of learning

If you’ve been keeping up with the sporadic posts, you’ll know as well as ADHD, Tom is being tested for dyslexia.

I never know how hard to push his learning at home. It’s hard to worry about him at school and not support him at home. But equally, it’s hard to push him at home when a barrier of resistance to learning is being built as he becomes more aware of how much he’s struggling.

So it made him and me beam to know when he is able to focus and show determination, there is reward.

This girl

It seems wrong not to share this one too, but there is a little hold back, because this girl breezes through school. I mean literally. She effortlessly gets 72 out of 72 in her weekly 60 second Big Beat That! maths test (how is that even possible?).

But she does struggle with friendship circles. She’s ten, I know it’s inevitable. And I know I should give her more time and space. So to get a class award for being a good role model. It just means that, come what may, she is retaining good values.

Circus Circus

It’s fair to say I had my reservations about dropping the Christmas production this year. And about whether preparing a production in the middle of SATs was the right thing for these age groups to be doing.

But oh my.

I have reached that age where whatever happens I am going to cry in school assemblies and productions (they’ve got the X-factor moments pinned down).

But this was something else.

I speak only for my children, but not exclusively. They shone.

My daughter burst with a confidence and direction I’ve never seen. Tom was every inch the Welsh Choirboy he could be. Seb, well, Seb seems to be evolving into cool schoolboy, but even so he was completely in the moment.

An afternoon at school offered unexpected clarity. Even if I don’t know what I’m going to do with it.

Inspiring Change

Once a year there’s a fantastic event and awards to celebrate all that is good in terms of inclusivity in the construction sector. It always takes me a while to process, and this year is no different.

This year it was highlighted one of the strengths of these awards is that it neither charges for nominations nor attendance for nominees. And it rang true, how challenging it is, for anyone with barriers, to receive nominations or afford a ticket at some grand ceremony. Whether shortlists are biased towards those who can afford a table, whether talent discounts itself at the first hurdle.

This year, there was this mainstream moments – hearing someone’s story unwind, of being a single mum of 2 working HR to being a single mum of 2 working as a roofer, relied on by her peers as a team player and a problem solver.

Then there were the moments of clarity, of many pieces coming together. Why are women better risk managers than men? At what age do women become risk adverse.

There’s a thought process for another post!

Nine years done!

And in amongst all of this, Mr J and I reached our nine year anniversary. Still clueless on how long we’ve been together (maybe we’re getting on for sixteen years?).

We managed to get out with the children and my parents for a belated celebration. And, despite a rainy morning, the sunshine soon poured on our day.

And I’m taking that as a good sign.

Come what may.

Three children overlooking Cardiff Bay.

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    June 3, 2019 at 08:10

    Great post! Your children are adorable! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Interested in doing collabs? xx

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