Reflections and Room Makeovers #LittleLoves

I know, for so many, this week has been incredibly tough. For me, it’s been a week beyond all other. I think of where I was for 9/11, for 7/7. I remember phone calls made. 
Manchester has been so different. It has felt like the most intense shock.
And it hasn’t felt right to be anywhere. 
But in my heart I knew to move forward was to become absorbed in life.


It’s been nothing other than Manchester. I had two study days this week, but Tuesday just felt like a day of stalking news channels. I’ve no idea why. For hope. 
I wrote this post about Manchester a while ago. The city which gave me a home when life was, with hindsight, at its worst. It remains a city to which I love to return.
This evening, I saw a quote which, of course, says it better.
Reflections Gandalf The HobbitBecause this has what’s been jaw-droppingly beautiful. The images and words which have come from Manchester this week leaves a resounding feeling of hope.


I went to the theatre this week to see The Crucible. It was more hard-going than I probably needed. But it’s absorbing. Days after I’m still pondering parallels. Our ability to believe, to follow, or to have faith.


Last week I saw recommendations on #LittleLoves for London Grammar. Thank you! It helped me write my essays as I love to listen to music I absorb which doesn’t distract me. This was perfect. Later in the week I was working in London so I got to enjoy it on the train journey. Thank you for the recommendation. 


There are conference calls at work where I am heavily absorbed: scrawling, amending, querying. Then there are the days where conference calls are for listening. And when listening, I think you can absorb the other part of your brain. So I’ve started (a little earlier than planned) to bring the plans for the boys’ bedroom update together. 
The boys’ update was meant to wait until I’d more or less finished the office, but I can’t be emptying the bookshelves on conference calls. But I can be, therapeutically, painting letters.
So yes, the boys’ space-themed room transformation has commenced!
Painting for therapy


OMG. We’ve had our first book day at school. World Book Day seems to clash with the Eisteddfod. But, as our library as moved to a community-run library (I will stay away from this discussion if you will), there is more focus on fund-raising. So yes. Suddenly in a position where I’ve had to find books which match the dressing-up clothes we have.
Never again. The boys have been fine but, of course CM, oh dear!
But, there was a competition around random places to read a book…
Book Day

And lastly, 

We really are off to Geronimo tomorrow. I’m so excited to have some family time. Slightly stressed as I know I’m overlooking my final university deadline next Thursday. But, CM and I are coming back alone whilst Mr J and the boys travel on. So I should be able to cram in a few late nights, and it will be so interesting to have so much 1-2-1 time with my daughter… wish me luck!

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    May 29, 2017 at 20:49

    I do love your fine art of procrastination and multi-tasking. I adore that quote from the Hobbit, it’s been a difficult week with the Manchester attack shocking most of us.

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