Re-grounding – of friendship

I wrote last week about regrouping, about my apparent regular need to take timeout for me.
Me in a regrouping sense is five. My children and husband are now the me I need.
It seems to go hand-in-hand with regrouping that there is the recovery which can only come from time with friends. Of re-grounding.

There is something very odd about life.

Sometimes it feels like the only way to get time with friends is to plan months in advance.

But there are times when you know there is a greater good.

That at a time when it is needed, life works its way out.

This week I have been so fortunate to have had three evenings, with three people I hold closest outside of my family.

To spend time in a wider sense re-grounding.
Appreciating that life moves on, but friendship is always the life which moves with you.

I am fortunate.
To have friends which allow me to explore the dimensions of life.
Of what makes happy.

This week I feel as though my gratitude could overflow.
Tears fall at the most unlikely of times.
Humour surprises and cheers me.
Life threatens to subsume me with its pace.
But laughter and hope holds strength.

I don’t know what I’d do without friendship, the type which doesn’t standstill, but is with you, regardless of pace.

The friendships which are found when least expected. 

Those friendships which you fear loosing.

Of friendships which make you a better person.

The type of friendship which isn’t counted by days, but of memories and of the knowledge that there is as much in the future than that which has passed.

My friendships are few, some grounded in memories which feel a lifetime away.
Others feeling newer, but with just as rich a history.

Each adding dimension, making a better me.


This week I have moved on from regrouping to re-grounding.

I’ve re-established my footing in life.

A life which as always has so much to look forward to as much as the life which is held.

I’m thinking next week is the week I begin to look forward again.

To all the memories which are waiting to be made.

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