Rainbows, Blue October and David Walliams #LittleLoves

Rainbows, Blue October and David Walliams

Phew. I can’t help but feel glad to see the back of this week. It’s had some fantastic moments, but I really dropped a ball.

My NHS cancellation appointment turned out to be actual surgery rather than a consultation. And being a complete drama queen (and it was completely fine at the time), I’ve never had stitches before. I didn’t read the ‘post surgery notes’ and assumed life would just carry on.

Needless to say, I didn’t think about pain relief, roll on a couple of days and I found myself at my worst and needing to get home from work. I’ve realised the three-hour commute is a bit rubbish when you’re not feeling your best.

So, yes, every appreciation of pain relief and the positives of this week. So here goes with my Little Loves:


I haven’t read anything. What a sad truth. But! CM has discovered a love for books with chapters, and at the same time B has discovered a love of David Walliams, so two worlds have combined.

If you know anything of me, you’ll know how I’ve struggled with CM and her lack of love for reading. It has always seemed incomprehensible. Especially because she excels at school, so I’ve tried not to worry. Last year this was explained by CM as a lack of love of books with chapters. Gangsta GrannyOver the summer I took B and E to see Gangsta Granny and B insisted he wanted Billionaire Boy to read on the back of it. I agreed and CM picked it up and read the whole book! My heart brimeth over.David WalliamsI now have B reading Mr Stink and CM reading The Boy in a Dress. Life is good.


I think I’m going to have to talk about weekend television, from Cold Feet, The Last Leg and The Graham Norton Show to ease out of the working week, to Strictly Come Dancing and The X-Factor on a Saturday. 

E’s love of The X-Factor is like nothing else. Whilst CM and B’s interest will wane and they’ll wander off to bed, E is relentless. And I don’t have a lot of reasons why. CM and B seem more clued into favourite music tracks, but E just seems to have the all-embracing interest of sound and visual. And it is a favourite time of the week.


I’ve rediscovered Blue October this week but it has involved me going back to basics.

Many years ago, as a new mum, I was so cross with Mr J for getting himself a ticket to see the band in Manchester leaving me home with our three.

I saw that the band will be in Bristol next March so thought it would be great to buy tickets. Until I realised I don’t listen to them anymore.

Calling You was the first song at our wedding. So I couldn’t cope with the idea I didn’t like them anymore. Reinforcing last week’s point that I’m now vintage has been reinforced with the fact I still love all the old albums.


As I’d hoped, we have made so much progress with CM’s room. The pompom letters are up with accompanying polka dots. Seren pompomsMr J still has work to do in creating the reading nook with a canopy, and I still need to finish the pompom rug but I’m so glad it’s coming together.

I’ve seen so many accessories and prints I’d like to add to the room that I’m now wondering if it will ever be finished. Fortunately CM loves it as is.

So, I’ve moved onto thinking about Christmas. I know it’s still October but with Mr J and the boys birthdays in early January I want to have as much of the homemade gifts done as I can.


Uh oh, like last week this really is ‘nothing new’. Drama queen status will let you know I’m wearing a few stitches in my leg.

But if we want to talk ridiculously exciting (to an 8 year-old) and a little bit of a stretch. CM has been wearing putty in her mouth. We had her first orthodontist appointment.

I intentionally went in with no expectations (there’s a theme). We left over two hours later. CM’s braces will be ready by the end of November. Akin to my general expectations, I thought this would be a “getting to know you” appointment. Especially because the preference would be to wait until all adult teeth are through before braces.

So much to my surprise we had moulds, gels, x-rays and photographs. And CM missed a whole morning at school.

I picked her up after school, I asked “Did you mention your appointment to anyone?” To the response: “I went round on break and told everyone in the class.” My girl.

Even her teacher discussed the resultant excitement during parents’ evening.


And yes, we’ve had Parents’ evening. And I am so proud of my children. It seems they are lovely. I know I know it, but it’s good to have it reinforced.

CM is still coasting, excelling with little effort. I have been assured that reading books with chapters will sort that. (Conveniently).

E’s teacher was so lovely about E it did strike me that she might have him confused with someone else. Paranoid mum has thoughts of pigeon-holding, E’s mum has decided he’s doing his best, persevering with what matters which is what’s important.

And B. B makes my heart soar with how well he’s settled into a new class, a year on. He’s back with his Reception teachers so it makes for more comparison on both parts. And I know he’s progressing, and has such a wonderful love of books. In B’s case the ‘dyslexia’ word has been voiced. Which I’m glad about, being able to see some of the same traits in E and B. The best bit is how much B wants to do well, so the proud mum reserves the right to think it’s going to be ok.

So now it’s roll on half term. And Little Mix… more of that next week.

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