Planning, Bristol and Nothing But Thieves #LittleLoves

Planning, Bristol and Nothing But Thieves

I wasn’t sure if I’d post this week. I’ve had so much to do that it felt disingenuous finding the time to write a blog post. Fortunately I’ve had a really productive Saturday, which follows a really good week at work. Now, to bargain with myself that if I spend some time blogging it will free some head-space to allow me to buckle down for the next big deadline.


I’m wimping out again. Work and children have completely taken over my week. I mentioned last week that I’ve started on a new project which has similarities to a project I’ve worked on before. Today I unearthed my external hard drive to try to find documents from over ten years ago. It’s been quite a nice trip down memory lane and amongst the documents were a lot of accompanying photos.


I am completely loving Nothing But Thieves this week. A completely new band to me- so I’m grateful to have found some new music to listen to whilst I try my best to write my assignment. I have Live Like Animals on at the moment, and am looking forward to exploring a bit more.


It was half-term this week, and whilst it didn’t ease up in terms of the viruses which seem to have overtaken our family, there has been a lot of laughter to be heard.

It seems Big Hero 6 is my children’s choice of film when they’re ill. And as the virus has jumped from one child to the next, I’m feeling quite well versed with the film.

Fortunately by Thursday everyone was doing well enough for us to make the trip with Barnardo’s to Bristol. I was so pleased as I really wanted to escape with the children and do something. We spent time at We The Curious, which is similar to Techniquest in Cardiff on a bigger scale. It transpires I am a mother of animators- I would love to figure out how to bring this in our lives as they were completely obsessed. In the afternoon we went across to the Aquarium, a lot more peaceful for time together. 


To-do lists. I can’t tell you the difference to-do lists make to my life. It was time for a new work notebook this week, so I thought I’d share. I joke in work that if ever anything happens to me, just make sure you’ve got my notebooks. I love to have a motivational postcard on the front, and I am a grid/ dot kind of girl. Not only have Paperchase started stocking this style, but they now have a larger book, bliss.

I used to write my to-list on a Sunday morning whilst the children are at their climbing lesson. But I’ve found it helps my well-being even more to make it the last thing I do at work on a Friday. I write a list of all the things I need to do in the following week. I find it de-stresses me. They’re not on my mind over the weekend, they’ve been documented, parked, safe in the knowledge I will face them in the week ahead.

I was beginning to get a little stressed with the amount of items I was carrying over week after week. Some because I wasn’t solely responsible for some of them, others because no matter what I didn’t have the time in the week. I’ve started a new approach, where the things that will happen in time are written in a different colour. Not to be forgotten, but not to beat myself up if I can’t do them. Other things I’ve thought about who else in the team might be able to take them on.

I feel so much better going into each week knowing no matter what the week throws at me, part of it is in hand.The joy of planning


This week I’ve been writing about finding outfits for the different parts of my life. I now have a favourite pair of jeans for home and trousers for work, the added bonus is I can also start adding to my wish-list the tops I’ve been bypassing in favour of tunics. 

This jumper has made my wardrobe a better place.Studying in stripes


This week I have a university deadline. Send help. I know I’ve been happily allowing myself to be distracted by work. Hopefully I’ll find enough new music to motivate me to buckle down.

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    February 24, 2018 at 22:36

    There is something about a) a new notebook that is both amazing and terrifying all at the same time and b) a to-do list is an absolute must – even if it is to look at, weep a little, before pulling on your big girl pants and declaring ‘I’ve got this!’

  • Reply
    Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker
    February 27, 2018 at 13:08

    That jumper is gorgeous! I love the sleeves. I’m a to-do list/notebook fiend too – I wouldn’t cope without them. Good luck with your uni deadline and I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  • Reply
    February 28, 2018 at 13:58

    Such a good idea writing the following weeks to do list on a Friday! Definitely going to be doing it.
    Nothing But Thieves are one of my favourite bands. I get so much work done with them in the background x

  • Reply
    March 1, 2018 at 14:40

    New stationery, a favourite of mine too. I’m a huge list maker, although I just write them as and when. I think writing them on a Friday might help me too. I love your stripy jumper, it’s gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of your week xx

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