Study woes and pancakes #LittleLoves

This week has felt like a long one, study woes with an assignment to complete and working in London has kept me in need of sleep. On the flip side it’s been the most awesome where the children have been concerned. It was the Eisteddfod on Wednesday and CM did so well. She started piano lessons earlier in the school year and gained an award for her recital and music, as well as maths (in Welsh). I have no idea why she does so well at maths in a second language but it seems over the years it’s something she excels in. My daughter baffles me. The boys also had their moment, read on…


It’s been all about the assignment again. I’ve been making sure I’ve followed all the guidance, hoping my grammar and syntax is ok. But more than anything reading up more and more on SPSS as I try to make sure I understand the tables I seem to be able to generate easily, understand- not so much.

But, for now, this one is over. First draft is submitted. It’s so far from perfect. And I know I have to carry on working on it to keep it fresh rather than await feedback before revising. And I have the small issue of getting all my reading done for next week’s module. Who on earth thought going back to university would be a good thing…
Study Woes Watched

This week I escaped to the theatre with my mum and the little people. We saw Fantastic Mr Fox, which is on tour. It was absolutely perfect- the best parts of Dahl, children enraptured, and great theatre. So, hopefully, the perfect birthday treat for my mum.Heard

On Tuesday, Becky from Munchies and Munchkins shared Justin Timberlake’s opening for The Oscars. It’s a song my daughter loves, which has caused the best argument as she was convinced the line was “It goes electric wavy”, and having not even heard it I decided it would make far more sense as “electric baby.” And of course, because she’s my daughter, she was right. So as a result it holds a fondness for me, and I’ve really enjoyed putting this on to distract me this week.


Like the rest of my social media streams, this week I’ve been making pancakes. I’m super proud of these as I usually leave pancakes to Mr J. I was amazed that they were as easy as he promised they would be, and delicious to boot.Wore

I have to tell you about my ASOS love, it’s revolutionised my travel life. And I haven’t worn my winter coat to work as a result. Because here’s the thing, everytime I leave the house for work the weather’s doing one thing (generally cold and wet), by the time I get to work (insert three hours) it’s the complete opposite (warmer). And as for the train, in the summer it’s broken aircon, winter fully functioning. I spotted a scarf on ASOS at the beginning of December, and it’s fantastic. Out and about, I wear it as a scarf, on the train if it’s cold I wear it as a shawl, and at home I wrap it around and around to hide from the wind. 

I love it so much I bought a white version in the sale, hoping I’d get away with it with the dawning of Spring. Mum referred to it as a blanket the other day- thanks mum. But I couldn’t be without them. Oversized square scarves are my new go-to.And finally…

Two boys got to join their big sister this week and had the Investiture at Beavers. I did wonder (and offered) whether it would be better for them to wait until big sister had started Cubs. It seems Beavers are very understanding, and since Christmas the boys have been preparing to make their promise. Admittedly I think everyone was pretty high on pancakes, but I was super proud of these boys. They were so excited to don their uniform that they even wore it to school the next day for the Eisteddfod instead of their rugby shirts. That’s commitment.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    March 5, 2017 at 11:24

    Aww the boys look so pleased to be investing into the Beavers. I’m disappointed that there isn’t a local group where we are now to take Roo and Tigger along to.

  • Reply
    March 8, 2017 at 12:02

    I am a HUGE blanket scarf fan too! They are great for transitional seasons. The only downside is when someone pointed out that one of mine looked like a picnic blanket! Rude!
    I think I had a similiar discussion with my girls about that electric wavy lyric too. Such a fun song. Hope you’re having a good week xx
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