My six for a Sunday

My ten for a Sunday

I thought I’d struggle this week with coming up with my six for a Sunday. It’s been an odd week. It definitely didn’t go the way it was planned. And it’s felt like it’s completely revolved around work. But. Yes. By hook and by crook, I have managed to come up with six.

Being ten

I congratulated a friend for surviving thirty years of parenting on the same day I reached ten.

There’s been some really tough times, but for now it seems we’re getting there. Well, until I got home to find her having been returned home from school early.

I don’t think there’s anything worse than being ill on your birthday. It’s been rubbish. Plans for celebrating with family were put on hold, and what initially felt like a short illness ended up with Seren being off the whole week.

If you know Seren, who prefers to go to school and be sent home ill than missing school, it’s been more worrying for this being so out of character.

But, we managed to get out for a family meal, and whilst my concern for those dark circles remain, she loved every moment.

Fighting insomnia with words

Over recent weeks I have suffered with insomnia and back pain. Last week was easier to justify, my stress levels with Tom were through the roof as well as so much going on with work. This week, back pain gone with knowing as I am working towards a solution with Tom, it was completely work to blame.

Because yes, as work continues at a pace I struggle to keep up with, I’m trying to keep a hold of the fact I am under collective consultation. I am trying to hone my ‘counter proposal’. I form the words at 3am when I wake from sleep and my mind starts whirring.

This week I’ve gone from writing a rant, to honing it to a page of bullet points. To my version of a counter proposal. Even if it doesn’t get read, it’s resolving my insomnia.

Not leaving Wales

Part of my current rebellion at work is not liking where things are heading. And whether I have to be a part of it. So I’ve started challenging myself. Am I needed in person? This week the answers have both been ‘no, participate via Skype’. And it’s been fine.

And I haven’t left Wales. Even my children have noticed. “You’ll need to work longer next week mummy, you need to make up for being home every night.” Whilst they’re slightly right, I can’t get away with not travelling next week, this week has been relentless in terms of deadlines and resolving work-focused frustrations.

If you were expecting this ‘not leaving’ statement to have anything to do with the EU. For the record, I don’t want to leave the EU either. I’ve loved seeing so many friends and people joining the People’s March- it really does give hope.

A New Bullet Journal

It seems the knock-on effect of working from home so much is that this post feels very work related as world’s collide. And so, this is a 50:50,it does keep me better organised at home, work and blog. Oh yes, it’s scary to think how bad it could be.

But, a cause for celebration is my imminent use of a new Bullet Journal.

Not until May, admittedly. But this week I’ve been drawing up a work schedule to the end of August. It’s inspired me to try and get a grip on my annual leave and my hopes of holidays. So, as I’ve been organised enough to buy a new bullet journal I thought I’d get ahead and start preparing it.

Steam mops

Oh yes, I am forty.

I’ve wanted to share this for so many weeks. Ever since we sorted our kitchen/ diner over the Christmas break. And in the New Year I treated, oh yes, ‘treated’ myself to a steam mop.

Between this and my Dyson V8 my housework is done. I try not to let it be know to Mr J it’s 15 minutes of my life. It really does take hours to get the floor looking so good.

And yes, I’ve followed all the hype and throw some Zoflora in, so I don’t need to rely on him seeing the difference- our kitchen smells clean.

So I journey ever closer to my dream of a new kitchen/ diner. I’ve proven I can keep it clean. Which is how the kids manage to negotiate treats.

Making friendship bracelets

Probably one of my obscure Christmas presents. It was from my mum after all. All three kids would have wanted this, but mine was the friendship bracelet maker.

Which I’ve finally had the patience to let us loose on. And it’s quite good. If I’m honest, I prefer the friendship bracelets I used to make with the loops and laces to tie up. We’ve already fallen out with these clasps, but it is far quicker to make them this way. I think ‘making’ is about to feature more in our weeks.

And so now to a new week, hopefully one with at least six good things in it.

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