My six for a Sunday

Six for a Sunday

It’s been another really mixed week for me. I wrote last week that I’ve realised I now stress about proper grown-up things, from my children and their education, to pensions and energy bills. Throw in the ongoing and new problems at work and it’s with good reason my six for a Sunday is one way of finding sane.

Mother’s Day

I probably couldn’t start this post without appreciating the effort which goes into Mother’s Day. One thing I’ve realised about Tom is, whilst most children have a meltdown after parties and events, Tom finds the pressure of the occasion too much. It was true yesterday for a friend’s party, and it was as true today.

But between treats picked up from school, Beavers and a trip to the shops, I was spoilt. Mother’s Day still feels quite alien. Ten years on. I really don’t need a day to appreciate or to be appreciated.

Filling the home with flowers, I’d like that most days please!


I spent the beginning of the week full up with a cold, so obviously turned to Amazon Prime. I’m not sure if it was the cold but Forever is one of those things which is absolutely enjoyable on a surface level, and then plays with your mind.

I love Maya Rudolph and she was absolutely fantastic as June. Recognisable in the mundane and unforgettable in This is how we do it.

I think Amazon Prime and I are fast becoming firm friends.

Seb’s school assembly

I mentioned a few weeks ago that each year group gets to host one school assembly a year. This week’s was Seb’s.

I’ve got to be honest, Thursday turned into one of those days where nothing would go right. Absolute comedy moments of how spectacularly I can make things go wrong without trying. And then throw in the people who feel the need to make things go wrong. Oh my.

But my morning. My morning was perfect. With blue skies and this boy. My Celtic warrior.

Friendship and Ada & Alfred

If you keep up with me on Instagram, you’ll know how absolutely gobsmacked I was this week to receive two gorgeous jumpers from Ada & Alfred.

If you’d been with me on Wednesday, or just been able to track my thoughts, I think the absolute comedy of my life would be revealed. My trawling through my actions resulted in an email suggesting I had been sent the jumpers in error.

I hadn’t, it seemed. Of course, Sarah has been watching over me as always. I think if I ever wrote a list of the things Sarah does for me, anyone who read it would be in disbelief. I find myself awestruck in being landed with such an amazing person to walk with me in life.

And so, like every week. I don’t know how I’d get with it without friendship.

I decided to play it forward on Thursday evening, and pay for a friend’s meal. Unfortunately it revealed more about what they thought of me, when propositioned with doing a runner. I like the fact I have friends with good moral standing, even if they’re happy to doubt mine!

The Garden

I harp on about why we live where we do to anyone who’ll listen. Years ago someone told me you should never buy a home for the view. Admittedly I think they bought a house to small for their family which they couldn’t bear to part with.

I love London. Rickmansworth may have had a tube station but it wasn’t London. And whilst I’ll never achieve my hope to live in London, I now get the best of both worlds. A few days there, and coming home to South Wales.

This week Mr J’s given the garden a spring clean which is perfect for my evening views and my morning coffee.

Boot Camp

I’ve been reflecting recently on how to ensure I keep hold of me with everything going on. The reality staring back at me is that if I don’t exercise I will continue to be unfit, unhealthy… and unhappy.

In a period of calm last year I registered on a local fitness programme. And I loved it. But I didn’t make it part of my routine and it quickly fell away.

This week, after reflecting on what is now missing from my life, I re-registered. And this evening enjoyed it all over again.

Because when you’ve chosen to live where you have because of the view, why wouldn’t you want to make the most of it?

So, that’s my six.

This week has really reinforced to me that we each need the things which get us through. That there will be times when the people around you are going through so much of the same that they might not see you struggling. And that sometimes the people around you just need to know what you meant to them.

So, I have to ask… what made your week a good week?

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