My Five for a Friday

My five for a Friday - Llangrannog

So, if you’re following me on Instagram, there really is nothing to see here. Well, maybe a little more context, but the sunshine this week- along with the beauty of the West Wales coast has needed to be shared.

So, unlike last week (and probably next week) this isn’t a week filled with books. There’s a bit of variety, but fortunately surrounded with my favourite colour.

Educated by Tara Westover

Educated by Tara Westover

Recommended by a colleague. The moment someone texts you to tell you know they’ve had to take a (very) rare lunch break to have 15 minutes to read a few more pages.

Tara Westover’s memoir is about her journey from a time and place. It’s heavy in subject matter- the seventh child of Mormon fundamentalist parents, transforming from a child with no formal education to read at Cambridge and Harvard. But there is so much in this transformation, in the relationships which are formed and the ability to learn.

There is nothing quite like a book which you absorb long after you turn the last page.


There is something about being in West Wales which means you breathe in the Welsh language. Probably to do with the commonality of Welsh as a first language.

I’ve always loved the word ‘sglodion’, for me it’s the sound of tomato ketchup hitting the surface. The perfect accompaniment to chips. Only made more perfect when accompanied with the grains of sand from a wonderful day at the beach.

And it would, of course, be rude to ever turn down chips after the perfect day on the beach. Whether that be for the first, second… or fifth time… in a week. It would be rude.

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

I’m completely behind the time of this, but the place we’ve come for half-term has a television with an Amazon Prime button. For some reason this makes it a good idea to link up my account… unlike at home.

Whilst the reviews are variable, the subjectivity of feminism and parenting very much at the fore, I did decide to breathe. To appreciate the segments of life. But to be honest I fell hook, line and sinker for the time and for the fashion. I remember having this passion before… a long, long time ago.

But yes. I have binge-watched two seasons and feel the better for it.

New Quay

I think this might be one of my favourite places. My love for Tenby and all it encompasses it a given. New Quay is like Tenby on a micro basis. And between the harbour, the beach and all there is to explore. I don’t think we’ve even begun to explore this fantastic part of West Wales.

New Quay

Time with family

What more needs to be said…

My five for a Friday - Llangrannog
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